NeoGraft Hair Restoration – San Diego

Dr. Sayed’s practice, in partnership with La Jolla Professional Plastic Surgery Center, is now offering NeoGraft® procedures in the office. NeoGraft® is a revolutionary hair transplantation technology that uses a patient’s own hair to restore a more natural and youthful hairline. The process is minimally-invasive, performed right in our office surgery facility, and requires no incisions. The NeoGraft® technology is available to both men and women. It uses the Follicular Unit Extraction technique, which is more natural and results in minimal scarring when compared to traditional scalp strip techniques.

The office NeoGraft service is supported by highly trained hair transplantation technicians who work closely with the surgeons to achieve your cosmetic goals.

Feel free to contact us for a pre-consultation and we are happy to provide more information.

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If you’re in the San Diego or Newport Beach areas and have any questions about Neograft or wish to schedule a consultation on Neograft with Dr. Sayed, please contact our office.