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3 Ways to Choose the Best Breast Implant Size for You

Breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic procedure in the U.S., with over 300,000 women opting for breast implants every year.

Surprisingly, a trend that is also on the rise is breast implant removal surgery. In most cases, women opt for this procedure because they were not happy with the size of the original implants.

By getting the size right the first time, those looking to enhance their breasts can avoid subsequent surgeries in the future. But it is imperative to choose the correct implant size initially.

Follow these three tips from double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sayed to ensure you choose the right breast implant size for you and move confidently into your new stage of life.

1)   Find Someone you Want to Emulate

One of the best ways to judge the correct breast implant size for yourself is to look for other women with a similar frame and body type as your own. If they are similar to you and have the type of breasts you are looking for, this can be a great visual starting point for both you and your plastic surgeon.

It is essential to consider both your desired aesthetic and your lifestyle when deciding on breast implant size.

Overly large breast implants often hinder athletically active women. Many women with active lifestyles opt for a breast lift rather than breast augmentation, as this surgery provides perkier breasts without requiring implants.

2)   Do the At-Home Rice Test

The rice test is a fantastic way to help you visualize and feel the size of the implant that you’re aiming for.

Follow these steps to complete the rice test:

  • Cut the foot and ankle segment off an old pair of pantyhose.
  • Fill the pantyhose with rice until you find a suitable volume. Tie the rice ball closed.
  • Place the rice ball inside your bra, put your clothes on, and observe yourself in the mirror. Feel the sensation of the added volume in your chest.
  • Repeat the process and change the amount of rice in the pantyhose until you find a size you like.
  • Take this with you to your consultation with Dr. Sayed as an excellent guide of the size you’re looking for.

3)   Do a 3D Crisalix Consultation

Dr. Sayed offers his patients a unique service in providing virtual Crisalix imaging consultations.

During these consultations, Dr. Sayed uses the 3D Crisalix imaging software to predict how you will look after your breast augmentation based on photos you provide.

While 100% accuracy is not guaranteed, this software is very effective at giving you a good idea of how you will look after your breast augmentation.

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Breast augmentation is a life-changing milestone that should be approached with the gravitas it deserves. Follow this advice from Dr. Sayed and strongly consider the size of the implant you desire before committing to your implants.

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