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Your Guide to Liposuction for Men

In recent years, the taboos surrounding plastic surgery have diminished. Treatments previously considered very feminine such as dermal fillers and Botox® are now finding their way to the top of most requested procedures for men. In addition to these minimally invasive options, liposuction is quickly gaining popularity among male patients.

If you’re one of the countless men with plans to look your best this year, consider this your guide to liposuction.

What is liposuction?

Liposuction is among the most popular cosmetic body contouring procedures available among both men and women. Unlike other body sculpting procedures that can require invasive surgery and muscle readjustments, liposuction is conducted through strategically placed entry points around the area of concern.

During the procedure, a mixture of medications is administered to the excess fat tissue to help numb and loosen fat cells. Ultra-thin needles called cannulas are then used to gently disrupt and remove unwanted fat cells from the body. The results of treatment leave patients with a more defined figure.

Who is a candidate?

Another important advantage of liposuction is how adaptable the treatment can be. As we age, excess fat can stubbornly become attached to certain parts of the body. While women may see accumulation around the hips and buttocks, men tend to see extra fat pocket around the abdomen, below the chin, jowls and breast.

Liposuction is a great option for finally saying goodbye to unwanted fat pockets that can develop over time and seem resistant to strict diet and exercise. As the treatment removes fat rather than weight loss, many men find the treatment results last longer when they’ve already reached and maintained their goal weight.

What to expect during treatment and recovery

While liposuction is still a form of cosmetic surgery, the procedure itself is minimally invasive compared to other body shaping procedures. In most cases, the procedure is an outpatient treatment in which patients go home soon after their procedure is over. During the recovery period, patients do need to wear special compression garments to help mitigate post-operative swelling and help loose skin tighten back up. Usually, these garments are worn for around three months under clothing, making them a discreet addition to daily outfits.

Going further with liposculpture

Some patients don’t just want to streamline their physique – they want to add definition to their figure as well. Hi-def liposculpture is a popular option for men looking to enhance their musculature.

Like traditional liposuction, liposculpture removes fat cells from the body. However, this treatment is unique in several ways. For starters, hi-def liposculpture uses radiofrequency waves to gently loosen and remove the unwanted fat cell. Additionally, while liposuction targets fat cells all over the body, liposculpture focuses on the grooves of the abdominal muscles, creating the ultra-toned appearance many patients are looking for.

If your goals are simply to smooth or hone in on musculature and tone your body, both liposuction and liposculpture treatments offer men the chance to look and feel confident. Communicating your treatment goals to an experienced surgeon can help ensure that you achieve your dream figure.

Start Treatment with The Experts

Feeling confident in your body can be life changing, helping men feel younger and better about themselves. If you’re ready for a change, it’s time to schedule your consultation with the experts. At Tim Sayed MD, our Southern California plastic surgeon has extensive experience helping countless men look and feel their absolute best. Learn how you can transform your appearance with liposuction by calling 858-247-2933 and scheduling your consultation today.



Get Ready to Say I Do with These Treatments and Procedures

bridal pre-wedding cosmetic procedures

Now that spring is here; wedding season is just around the corner. With countless brides and grooms preparing their dream wedding, thinking about your self-care and looks can quickly fall to the wayside. Rather than waiting until the last minute, consider adding these treatments and procedures into your wedding prep plans and feel confident when you walk down the aisle.

Cosmetic Treatments

Preparing for your wedding day is a stressful experience. Late nights pulling together guests lists and the emotional toll of dealing with relatives can quickly take a toll on any one’s appearance. The last things you need to be worrying about are new wrinkles or dull-looking skin in photos on your big day. Instead, consider adding these minimally-invasive, non-surgical treatments to your pre-wedding regimen and enjoy your special day worry free.


While Botox® is often associated with anti-aging skincare routines, this injectable can be a valuable addition for patients at any age. The treatment temporarily paralyzes muscle-caused wrinkles from deepening and helps smooth existing wrinkles and fine lines across the patient’s face. When applied as a preventive treatment against aging, Botox® can even help slow down the overall aging process, helping the patient enjoy smoother skin longer.


Dermal fillers are another popular pre-wedding treatment, particularly for women looking to add a little more volume to their appearance before they head down the aisle. For some, this may mean adding a small amount of filler to lips to create the perfect pout, while others may choose to use dermal fillers to lift sagging cheeks and fill in hollows.

Surgical Solutions

Have more time to prepare for your big day? For many brides and grooms, an upcoming wedding day can be a huge motivator to finally shed stubborn weight and make much-needed changes to their diet and exercise habits. After working hard in the gym and reaching your goal weight, some patients may opt for surgical procedures that showcase their efforts and help them finally reach their ideal body shape.

Some of the most popular pre-wedding minimally-invasive surgical procedures fall under the category of “body sculpting” – treatments that help patients add definition to their figures and gain extra confidence in their figure. These include:

Brazilian Butt Lift:

One of the most popular procedures available, Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBLs) use fat tissue from other parts of your body and add it to your rear, adding an extra lift to sagging behinds. Less invasive than traditional butt implants, BBLs are an excellent option for enhancing curves and redistributing unwanted fat cells elsewhere on your body.


Another popular plastic surgery procedure, liposuction allows patients to remove stubborn fat cells permanently. As the procedure uses an extremely small cannula to remove excess fat cells, the entire treatment is minimally invasive, shrinking down recovery time for patients.

Hi-Def Liposculpture

For some, pre-wedding preparation includes adding definition and sculpting the perfect body. Where liposuction helps smooth out unwanted lumps, hi-def liposculpture uses a combination of ultrasonic vibrations and liposuction to remove fat covering muscle groups and add much-desired definition. Generally recommended for individuals who are already in excellent shape, this procedure is especially popular among men who want to highlight their hard work in the gym and look their absolute best before heading down the aisle and off on their honeymoon.

Say I Do – Contact our Plastic Surgery Offices in San Diego and Newport Beach

Your wedding day is one you’ll remember forever and deserve to enjoy. Planning cosmetic treatments ahead of time can ensure you get the enjoy the day to its fullest, without stressing about what future photos will look like. At Tim Sayed MD, our goal is to help patients enhance their natural beauty with cosmetic non-invasive and surgical treatments. Call and schedule your consultation today!

Did You Get a Facelift? No, I Got Something Better

A “liquid facelift” could be your key to appear a younger and glowing you, without the surgery! The semi-permanent injectable procedure creates a soft and effortless look by enhancing and polishing the facial features. To learn more, please read our infographic below.

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Refresh Your Skin for Spring with HA Fillers

Just because Southern California doesn’t have to deal with snow and ice doesn’t mean SoCal natives don’t have the same skin troubles caused by winter weather.

During the winter, humidity takes a plunge. The drier weather has an adverse effect on different skin types. For some, the decrease in moisture causes the skin to over-produce oils as a way of keeping it hydrated. This overproduction increases the number of acne breakouts. For others with already dry skin, the seasonally dry weather can exacerbate existing skin problems and stresses skin, causing damage faster than usual. For both types of patients, the consequences of winter weather can leave skin looking dull and damaged. Luckily, non-surgical solutions like hyaluronic acid fillers, or HA fillers, give patients plenty of options for refreshing their skin.

Why Hyaluronic Fillers?

The drying effects of winter weather can not only wreak havoc on your skin’s day-to-day appearance – it can also impact its long-term appearance. As the weather warms, patients often notice the addition of fine lines or hollows across their face. While not the culprit per se, winter weather can make the signs of aging more pronounced, causing patients a certain amount of distress. This is where HA fillers come in.

HA fillers get their name from the hyaluronic acid used to create the formula. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally-occurring substance that helps skin cells retain moisture, and therefore volume. Like collagen and other important proteins, hyaluronic acid production diminishes over time, causing the skin to lose it’s healthy-looking volume and glow. HA fillers are designed to help support your facial appearance by adding all-important hyaluronic acid back into depleted skin cells. When injected, most HA dermal fillers help the skin regain the ability to hold onto moisture, bringing back volume to hollowed or sagging areas. The result is a totally refreshed, rejuvenated face that looks completely natural.

While there are plenty of facial rejuvenation procedures that can help mitigate the symptoms of aging, dermal fillers are among a few treatment options that are non-surgical. Whereas rejuvenation options like chemical peels or laser treatment can penetrate deep below the surface, these cosmetic treatments require several days of recovery. HA fillers require no recovery time. Busy patients can get back to their routine following their treatment sessions without looking as if they’ve just had injectable treatment. The natural-looking results make the treatment a very popular option among men and women who want to enhance and rejuvenate their looks in just a few short appointments.

Choosing the Right Filler for Your Appearance

Hyaluronic acid fillers offer a wide range of formulas designed to address different parts of the face with the same successful results. With so many popular and proven options available, countless men and women have found HA fillers provides a uniquely personalized solution to refreshing their appearance. For example, at Dr. Tim Sayed’s Newport Beach and San Diego offices, our plastic surgeon offers many different filler options, including the full suite of Juvéderm® products and the full line of Restylane® products, as well as other dermal filler options. By working with patients during their consultation to identify their concerns, Dr. Sayed can identify the perfect HA filler solution for enhancing their features and refreshing their appearance.

Refresh Your Looks with Dr. Sayed

At Tim Sayed, MD, our goal is to help patients naturally enhance their looks with cosmetic treatments tailored to their goals. Whether you’re just looking to enjoy the springtime weather feeling refreshed or considering a more comprehensive treatment solution, our plastic surgeon is here to help. Call 858-247-2933 today and schedule your visit with our team today!


Not Ready for Surgery? Try a Liquid Facelift!

Are you troubled by signs of aging such as lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, or loss of volume in your face or lips? These are all common complaints of those who are entering their 40s and 50s and leads some to consider the prospect of a facelift. However, many of these individuals are not prepared for a full facial surgery with permanent results and a lot of downtimes. For these men and women, a liquid facelift may be the perfect alternative. Interested in learning more? Here’s everything you need to know about the non-invasive procedure.

What is a Liquid Facelift?

Dr. Sayed uses a number of different methods in his liquid facelift depending on the results his patients desire and their unique concerns. The procedure usually includes a neuromodulator such as Botox® or Dysport®, laser therapy, and one or two types of dermal fillers.

Botox® and Dysport® can target expression lines around the mouth, on the forehead, and in the corners of the eyes. By preventing these muscles from contracting, it relaxes them and softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. If more treatment of these areas is needed, Dr. Sayed can use a CO2 laser such as the Fraxel laser system to further reduce their appearance.

Hyaluronic acid fillers such as Voluma or Poly-L-lactic acid fillers like Sculptra® can be injected to add volume to sunken cheeks and temples and enhance the cheekbones. The lines that run from the nose to the corners of the lips are often called marionette lines are a common sign of aging and these can be treated with a dermal filler with an advanced Vycross formula such as Juvéderm® Volbella or Juvéderm® Vollure. These types of fillers can also be used to restore volume to lips that have been affected by aging.

With a ‘six-area’ injection technique, Dr. Sayed can address jowls, creases on the chin, hollow or sunken cheeks or temples, and marionette lines. By targeting the areas of the face that show the signs of aging the most, Dr. Syed can create a natural, younger look with no invasive surgery. Depending on the techniques and substances used, a liquid facelift can last up to two years though there is usually some maintenance required every few months if Botox® or Dysport® is used.

How Does a Liquid Facelift Differ from a Traditional Facelift?

A traditional facelift uses surgery to tighten muscles of the face and reposition or remove the skin to correct common signs of aging. While it is an effective and permanent way to create a younger appearance, it’s also a major surgery that requires recovery time. A liquid facelift, on the other hand, is completely non-invasive and involves little to no downtime. A liquid facelift is ideal for younger patients who are not yet ready for a full facelift and can often prevent the need for a facelift for years.

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Liquid Facelift?

Wondering if you would be a good candidate for a liquid facelift? Dr. Sayed finds the patients who benefit most from one of these procedures are those who want a complete facial rejuvenation without the invasiveness or downtime of a full facelift. Those who have deep wrinkles or who have lost volume in their face due to aging usually experience the best results. Dr. Sayed also finds that those patients who have realistic expectations for the procedure and understand that results are not permanent and will need regular maintenance are the ones who are the most satisfied after a liquid facelift procedure.

Where Can I Find the Best Place to Get a Liquid Facelift?

If you are in southern California, you can find no better plastic surgeon than Dr. Sayed to perform a liquid facelift. Dr. Sayed prides himself on utilizing a technique that creates youthful, natural results with his procedure. With over 13 years of experience, Dr. Sayed is recognized as an expert in multiple types of plastic surgery and patients travel from around the country to seek out his services.

If you want to address the most common signs of aging on your face but are not yet ready for a full facelift, you need to consider the many benefits of a liquid facelift. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Sayed today to learn more.
































Everything You Need to Know About Hyaluronic Acid

Almost everyone is looking for that magic skincare ingredient that will hydrate, treat common skin conditions, and slow down the effects of aging. There have been plenty of ‘miracle ingredients’ that have been touted in the media over the years, all working to various degrees. One of the newest that has been proven to have real results is hyaluronic acid, also known as HA. Never heard of HA? Here’s what you need to know about this powerful substance and how it can help you fight the aging process.

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

A carbohydrate molecule, hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the body with 50% of it found in the skin. The purpose of HA is to hydrate and lubricate joints as well as connective and skin tissue. It works like a magnet to attract hydration and helps your cells retain as much moisture as possible. In fact, just one gram of this acid can hold up to six liters of water! When you have enough HA, your skin appears hydrated and healthy. However, as the body ages, it naturally loses HA, which can lead to a loss of volume, brightness, and suppleness in the skin.

Is Hyaluronic Acid Safe?

Because it is naturally occurring in the body, hyaluronic acid is very safe to incorporate into your skincare regimen. Though it is referred to as an ‘acid’, this does not mean it will burn or damage the skin in any way. In fact, it’s milder than other acids that are routinely used in facial treatments such as chemical peels. HA is approved by the FDA and when applied topically or injected into the skin, it is treated as a natural substance by the body.

What Skincare Conditions Can Hyaluronic Acid Treat?

Hyaluronic Acid is one of those superstars that works wonders for any skin types. Its amazing hydrating properties can decrease the look of fine lines and wrinkles as well as stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, which results in tighter, more youthful looking skin. It can also treat oily or acne-prone skin, and acts as an antioxidant to fight free radicals and other damaging agents and slow down the appearance of age-related damage such as uneven skin tone, sun spots, and loss of firmness. HA also has soothing properties that can reduce symptoms of rosacea and eczema and aids in the body’s natural healing process, helping the skin recover from damage like sunburn and other traumas.

How You Can Incorporate It into Your Skincare Regimen

There are a number of ways you can benefit from the many positive properties of HA. Buying high-quality skincare products from a dermatologist or plastic surgeon will ensure you get the highest level of HA in a product that is easily absorbed and utilized by your skin. Though some less expensive products may say they have HA, they may not have them in high enough doses to make much of an impact on your skin.

You can also harness the power of Hyaluronic Acid by getting HA-based dermal fillers such as Juvéderm® and Restylane®. These substances can be injected into your skin by a professional plastic surgeon or dermatologist to smooth out lines and wrinkles and restore volume to skin that is showing signs of aging. As a dermal filler, HA not only plumps the skin, but it continues to attract more moisture, which hydrates and renews the skin.

Where Can I Get Hyaluronic Acid?

It’s important to talk to a knowledgeable plastic surgeon such as Dr. Sayed before incorporating HA into your skincare regimen. Though using less expensive HA skincare products will not harm you, you will not see the results that come from the professional recommendation and use of HA in high-quality products or in injectables such as Juvéderm® and Restylane®. Dr. Sayed is a double board certified plastic surgeon who has been practicing cosmetic and reconstructive surgery for over 13 years. He has extensive knowledge about how to use HA-based products and procedures to create the best results for your unique skincare needs. He has convenient offices in southern California and is known throughout the country as an expert in his field.

If you’re ready to harness the power of HA and experience its hydrating and anti-aging properties, schedule a consultation with Dr. Sayed today.

Lean Here, Contour There – With One Incredible Procedure

Do you have facial areas that appear wrinkled and creased? Do you wish to improve your facial contour? You should consider a fat transfer as a solution! The fat transfer procedure transfers fat from areas of your body and injects it into areas that may be lacking in volume.

Ready to enhance your appearance? Contact us today to schedule your fat transfer consultation.

Reach Your 2019 Goals with Liposuction

Have you started crafting your 2019 goals? For many, the first few weeks of January are often a time for reflection as well as looking ahead to goals for the remainder of the year. While some may choose to pursue professional goals, others are looking to 2019 to be the year they finally achieve the perfectly sculpted body of their dreams. If that sounds like a familiar goal for you, what better way to reach this long-term goal than with liposuction?

Why Liposuction Should Be Part of Your Sculpting Strategy

There’s more than one reason why liposuction is among the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the United States. Consider just these few:

Honing the Perfect Body Takes Work

Unless you’re blessed with perfect genes and time to spend hours upon hours in the gym, chances are you have some stubborn fat pockets across your body. Furthermore, following vigorous workout routine and strict diet doesn’t always mean total fat removal. Unlike other cells, fat cells are never truly eliminated from the body unless physically removed. Instead, excess fat cells shrink, expand, and multiply in relation to weight loss and weight gain. As a result, in order to truly achieve a toned, sculpted physique, you’ll need a treatment that removes this unwanted fat.

While there are numerous body sculpting procedures available, liposuction is the only minimally invasive, long-lasting treatment that removes fat cells permanently while providing near immediate results. For individuals who have worked hard to achieve their best figure through diet and exercise, liposuction is the ideal “final touch.”

Liposuction is Highly Versatile

While many associate liposuction with flatter, more sculpted tummies, the procedure is among the most versatile plastic surgeries currently available. At Tim Sayed MD Plastic Surgery, liposuction has been used by both men and women to target stubborn fat pouches around the stomach, legs, arms, and back. Our San Diego and Newport Beach plastic surgeon has even used liposuction to remove unflattering submental fat, or double chins, leaving patients feeling confident in their appearance from the neck up. So long as patients are healthy enough to undergo surgery and are not using the procedure as a weight loss alternative, nearly all individuals can be eligible for liposuction.

With so many opportunities and treatment areas available, the consultation of every liposuction appointment is very important. During your visit, you’ll work with Dr. Sayed to discuss your treatment goals and identify how liposuction can help you reach those objectives. For patients who are thinking of more extensive, full body makeovers, our team will work with you to ensure your liposuction treatment works with the rest of your goals.

The Plastic Surgery Procedure Yields Long-Lasting Results

Not all body-sculpting procedures are the same. Although there are many non-surgical solutions available for fat removal, achieving lasting results in a timely fashion can be difficult. Liposuction’s minimally invasive nature and use of a thin cannula make the treatment a much less invasive option compared to traditional surgery and yields better, longer lasting results than non-surgical treatments. When you maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise before and after surgery, many can enjoy long-lasting results.

Ready to Schedule? Call Dr. Sayed Today!

With 2019 right around the corner, its never been a better time to turn a new leaf. Call Dr. Sayed at (858) 247-2933 to start your journey to your dream body.

Enhance Your Muscle Appearance with Hi-Def Liposculpture

For individuals who want to fine-tune their figures by targeting fatty deposits that detract from well-defined areas of their physique, body contouring has a popular way to enhance your shape. Within the realm of body contouring procedures currently available, only one has been shown to enhance muscle appearance as well: hi-def liposculpture.

What is Hi-Def Liposculpture?

Hi-definition liposculpture is an innovative technique for body contouring. This treatment relies on targeted liposuction over specific muscles of the abdomen. This creates better defined muscle contour and the appearance of a beach body. Additionally, it is excellent for minimizing stubborn adipose tissue which can resist other body contouring treatments, as well as patients’ efforts in the gym.

Precision is one of the key benefits of hi-def lipo. Most other minimally-invasive body sculpting procedures generally target fat near or around the uppermost layers of skin. While this may add some definition, it can take multiple sessions to achieve the distinctive six-pack or toned arms patients have dreamed of. In contrast, hi-def lipo is administered around muscle boundaries, creating the elusive grooves and definition a patient is looking for.

Another important advantage of liposculpture? Doctors can apply the treatment technique anywhere on the body. From adding definition to the abdomen and thighs to sculpting shoulders and arms, this treatment is adaptable and successful.

Hi-Def Liposculpture vs. Traditional Liposuction

While hi-def liposculpture leverages important liposuction concepts, this procedure is different enough that it provides very different results.

A key difference is the degree of fat removal each procedure can achieve. Liposuction removes adipose tissue below the skin; these common fatty bulges are the culprits behind love handles, saddlebags, and a bothersome stomach pooch. While standard liposuction is considered an effective body contouring procedure, hi-def liposculpture takes body sculpting to the next level by defining the surface anatomy of the patient.

While nearly all patients can see a noticeable difference with liposuction, hi-def liposculpture works best when patients are already at peak physical condition, exhibit low body fat, and are looking more to add definition rather than smooth a bulge. Given the targeted nature of liposculpture, this procedure is considered a more precise and targeted body shaping and toning procedure.

Ready to Transform Your Appearance? Get Started with Dr. Sayed Today

Now that you’ve achieved peak physical health, its time to show off your hard work. Hi-def liposculpture can help add greater definition and enhance the way your muscles look year-round. To learn more about the benefits offered by this innovative body contouring treatment, we encourage you to contact our offices in La Jolla and Orange County to schedule a consultation. Our plastic surgeon will work with you to create the best treatment plan for your figure.