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Medical Weight Loss

Medically Supervised Weight Loss in La Jolla and Newport Beach | Tim Sayed MD

Tim Sayed MD is proud to announce the addition of medically supervised weight loss plans in La Jolla and Newport Beach, CA!This new program is centered around the use of GLP-1 agonist medications, such as Semaglutide and Tirzepatide, which are cutting-edge, clinically managed weight loss solutions. To complement our patients’ weight-loss journeys and enhance outcomes, we provide a suite of aesthetic treatments, including skin tightening and dermal fillers, for post-weight loss body contouring.

Medically supervised weight loss is a huge and growing service being offered by physicians to help optimize patient health. These medications have helped many patients achieve life-changing outcomes, including control of Type II diabetes for some, and controlled, consistent and manageable weight loss for many others. These medications help your brain feel satisfied after smaller quantities of food intake, so that you can safely reduce your calorie intake without feeling emotionally restricted by unsustainable diets.

Our focus is on delivering a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to the individual needs of our patients. With the support of our amazing team, patients will have access to top-notch weight management treatments and personalized care designed to achieve and maintain their weight loss goals while also addressing the aesthetic aspects of their transformation. Join us to explore how our weight loss program can be a pivotal step in your health and wellness journey!

Contact us today to learn more about medical weight loss plans in La Jolla and Newport Beach, CA. We proudly serve patients from San Diego, Orange County, and all over Southern California and beyond.

Medical Weight Loss 101

Many surgeons use a measurement called BMI to calculate a person’s health using their weight and height. Typically, surgeons consider patients with a BMI of 18.5 to 24.9 to be healthy, while those with a BMI of 25 and up are considered overweight. Several studies have shown that overweight and obese patients are more likely to suffer from complications after their procedure, and as a result, pay larger costs for their treatment. A study in the medical journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery showed that obese patients were 35% more likely to visit the ER due to complications, and another study from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons showed that obese women were 12 times more likely to suffer from serious complications after their surgery. Since most health insurance policies don’t cover complications from aesthetic surgery, many of these patients ended up paying additional out-of-pocket costs for their treatments.

For these reasons, Dr. Sayed is proud to offer an innovative medical weight loss program that can help patients qualify for an aesthetic procedure. Dr. Sayed partners with Fruit Street Health, a state-of-the-art telemedicine system that allows healthcare providers to monitor patients as they revamp their diet and lifestyle. Using portable devices that sends data to an app, patients can connect with dietitians who can monitor their progress with diet and exercise. With Fruit Street Health, patients can create a visual food diary, speak with their doctors via video calls, monitor their sleep schedule, and even see their blood test results online. Fruit Street Health is truly cutting-edge weight coaching and completely HIPAA complaint.

To help with the diet portion of his medical weight loss programs, Dr. Sayed also works with ResultsMD, a practice that offers healthy drinks and supplements. This nutritional medical weight loss program will be overseen by a physician. Of course, Dr. Sayed will work with you to make sure your lifestyle changes can be maintained safely and consistently.

How Our Program Elevates Your Weight Management Experience

At Tim Sayed MD, we understand that embarking on a weight loss journey is a significant decision, and we strive to support you with a program that stands out for its effectiveness, affordability, and personal touch. While familiar names like Wegovy® and Ozempic® have made waves in the world of weight management with their use of Semaglutide, our program harnesses the same powerful GLP-1 agonist active ingredient but pivots towards a more cost-conscious and accessible strategy. There has been a national shortage of the brand-name prescription medications but thankfully, compounding pharmacies have been able to fulfill the ever-growing need as these weight loss medications continue to gain in popularity.

By partnering with a trusted and regulated compounding pharmacy, we are able to accelerate your access to these potentially life-altering medications, opting for simple syringes over the more expensive auto-injecting pens — which allows us to pass on savings directly to you and to get you started on your weight-loss journey without delay!

Weight Loss Plans with Tailored Care and Guidance

Your health and autonomy are paramount in our weight management program.

Upon your initial consultation, our dedicated team will not only assess your suitability for the program but also empower you with the knowledge and skills for self-administration of the injections to ensure you are confident in taking charge of your treatment. Dr. Sayed or a nurse will perform a good-faith examination, even for remote video consultation patients, to ensure you are appropriate for enrollment into our BuildMyHealth-enabled medical weight management program.

For those who prefer a personal touch, our team is poised to administer your first injection during an in-person consultation, helping you take the first step in your hands-on health journey.

Commitment to a Successful Weight Loss Journey

Joining our weight management program is a testament to your commitment to change, and we reciprocate that commitment with no exceptions. Your participation is key to fostering a supportive and structured environment that prioritizes your safety and ensures the efficacy of your treatment. You will track your weight loss on a log, using a Bluetooth-enabled scale that allows you to see your progress on an app. You will check in with us monthly to assess your weight loss progress and make adjustments (including possible dosage changes, medication alternatives, or a weaning program) as appropriate.

Flexible Consultation and Seamless Care

Whether you choose a face-to-face meeting or a virtual consultation, we adapt to your needs while maintaining the highest standards of care. This includes taking the time to complete all essential lab work. For our Californian patients, we go a step further by delivering your medication directly to your doorstep, ensuring uninterrupted access to your treatment.

Investing in Your Well-Being

It’s important to note that while insurance does not cover the cost of medication, following our program is a direct investment in your health. However, our pricing is designed to be transparent and predictable, with no hidden fees, so you can plan your healthcare budget with confidence.

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If you’re in the San Diego or Newport Beach areas and have any questions about medical weight loss or wish to schedule a consultation on medical weight loss with Dr. Sayed, please contact our office.

Long-term Support for Long-lasting Change

The once-weekly injection schedule is crafted to fit seamlessly into your life, and unlike short-term solutions like Phentermine, Semaglutide and Tirzepatide will be companions for your health journey for as long as you benefit from them, reflecting our belief in sustainable change. Of course, diet and exercise improvements will enhance the success of the medications in making meaningful, sustainable and healthful changes.

Inquiries and Additional Services

We invite your curiosity and encourage you to reach out for a consultation to answer any questions. We also offer vitamin injections like Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C, as part of a holistic approach to nutrition and wellness.

Embarking on Your Weight Loss Journey with You

When you’re ready to take the next step, our 6-month weight management program awaits your commitment, either online, in person, or over the phone. This investment includes a monthly supply of Semaglutide. And if Semaglutide isn’t the right fit, we’re prepared with alternatives and a full suite of coaching services. Please remember, our program is about your unwavering progress, and as such, we do not offer prorated refunds once your journey begins.

Understanding Eligibility for a La Jolla Medical Weight Loss Plan

Since your safety is our top concern, not everyone is a candidate for Semaglutide or Tirzepatide. We take into account medical history, including thyroid conditions, familial health, and BMI, to ensure that this treatment is both safe and suitable for you. Pre-treatment labs are part of the program and will be facilitated by our office through lab partners like LabCorp.

Aesthetic Options After Weight Loss

After you achieve your weight loss goals, our practice provides a range of aesthetic treatments to address the changes in your body’s contour and skin elasticity. Our surgical and non-surgical skin tightening procedures are designed to refine and smooth areas where weight loss may have left excess skin to create a more toned and defined appearance.  These include Potenza RF microneedling, BTL Emsculpt Neo for additional fat reduction contouring and muscle toning, and professional-grade skin care like Alastin and Elevai.

Emsculpt Neo is particularly beneficial because it counteracts muscle wasting that can occur during a Semaglutide or Tirzepatide treatment plan. Emsculpt Neo uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM+) and radiofrequency (RF) energy to build muscle and burn fat. Dr. Sayed often recommends this treatment in conjunction with his weight loss program to provide optimal weight loss results. 

Moreover, our comprehensive care plan includes dermal filler treatments. These treatments aim to restore volume and enhance features that may have changed with weight loss. These post-weight loss aesthetic options are not just treatments; they are an integral part of our commitment to helping you feel and look your best after your transformation.

Why Choose Dr. Tim Sayed for Your Medically Supervised Weight Loss Plan?

Dr. Tim Sayed, a board-certified plastic surgeon, brings his comprehensive expertise to the forefront of medically supervised weight loss plan in La Jolla and Newport Beach. With a wealth of experience in advanced medical aesthetics, Dr. Sayed extends his personalized care to the realm of weight management. He understands that each patient’s journey to weight loss is unique, and thus tailors each plan to meet individual goals and concerns, leveraging the latest in GLP-1 medication therapies. His dedication to utilizing innovative techniques ensures that you receive the most effective weight loss treatments available. Trust in Dr. Sayed’s expertise to guide you towards achieving your health objectives with confidence.

Contact Tim Sayed MD today to arrange your consultation and discover how our medically supervised weight loss plan can be the key to the healthier, more vibrant you.

FAQs About Medical Weight Loss

You are a candidate for medical weight loss if:

  • ​You have a BMI of 25 and up
  • Your weight gain can be controlled with diet and exercise
  • You experience weight-related conditions like high blood pressure, sleep apnea, or type-2 diabetes
  • You don’t qualify for aesthetic surgery because of your weight

Medical weight loss has the benefit of having the constant oversight of medical professionals like Dr. Sayed; that way you have the perfect balance of effective weight loss that’s also incredibly safe.

We will be more than happy to discuss a quote for a medical weight loss program during your consultation. Of course, you can contact us for a pre-consultation if you want to learn more.

Your results will depend on various factors: what program you’re following, how much weight you need to lose, and how your body responds to the program.

To learn more about what the latest in medical weight loss can do for you, contact Dr. Sayed’s office for a consultation.