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Medical Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss – San Diego

It’s something many plastic surgeons like to stress: plastic surgery should never be considered as a method for weight loss. There are good reasons for this; for one thing, patients who are overweight or obese are actually at a higher risk of experiencing complications after their procedure. In addition to compromising a patient’s safety, being overweight or obese can also make it harder for the surgeon to attain satisfactory results. Many surgeons agree that the best kind of candidate for plastic surgery is a patient who is in good health and is close to ideal weight.

Dr. Sayed cares about doing what’s best for the patient, and he makes sure that every patient is aware of any risk factors that could affect the results of surgery. Of course, this doesn’t mean that these patients should be forever discouraged from undergoing procedures they’ve dreamed of for so long. Dr. Sayed is passionate about helping his patients get to the right place in their lives to get the perfect procedure. More than anything, he wants to guide his patients through this journey from start to finish. It’s why he offers programs for medical weight loss in San Diego—because all patients should have a chance to have their treatment done at the highest levels of safety.


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Medical Weight Loss 101

Many surgeons use a measurement called BMI to calculate a person’s health using their weight and height. Typically, surgeons consider patients with a BMI of 18.5 to 24.9 to be healthy, while those with a BMI of 25 and up are considered overweight. Several studies have shown that overweight and obese patients are more likely to suffer from complications after their procedure, and as a result, pay larger costs for their treatment. A study in the medical journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery showed that obese patients were 35% more likely to visit the ER due to complications, and another study from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons showed that obese women were 12 times more likely to suffer from serious complications after their surgery. Since most health insurance policies don’t cover complications from aesthetic surgery, many of these patients ended up paying additional out-of-pocket costs for their treatments.

For these reasons, Dr. Sayed is proud to offer an innovative medical weight loss program that can help patients qualify for an aesthetic procedure. Dr. Sayed partners with Fruit Street Health, a state-of-the-art telemedicine system that allows healthcare providers to monitor patients as they revamp their diet and lifestyle. Using portable devices that sends data to an app, patients can connect with dietitians who can monitor their progress with diet and exercise. With Fruit Street Health, patients can create a visual food diary, speak with their doctors via video calls, monitor their sleep schedule, and even see their blood test results online. Fruit Street Health is truly cutting-edge weight coaching and completely HIPAA complaint.

To help with the diet portion of his medical weight loss programs, Dr. Sayed also works with ResultsMD, a practice that offers healthy drinks and supplements. This nutritional medical weight loss program will be overseen by a physician. Of course, Dr. Sayed will work with you to make sure your lifestyle changes can be maintained safely and consistently.

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FAQs About Medical Weight Loss

You are a candidate for medical weight loss if:

  • ​You have a BMI of 25 and up
  • Your weight gain can be controlled with diet and exercise
  • You experience weight-related conditions like high blood pressure, sleep apnea, or type-2 diabetes
  • You don’t qualify for aesthetic surgery because of your weight

Medical weight loss has the benefit of having the constant oversight of medical professionals like Dr. Sayed; that way you have the perfect balance of effective weight loss that’s also incredibly safe.

We will be more than happy to discuss a quote for a medical weight loss program during your consultation. Of course, you can contact us for a pre-consultation if you want to learn more.

Your results will depend on various factors: what program you’re following, how much weight you need to lose, and how your body responds to the program.

To learn more about what the latest in medical weight loss can do for you, contact Dr. Sayed’s office for a consultation.