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Breast Augmentation Revision

Breast Augmentation Revision – San Diego

Breast revision is widely considered to be one of the most sophisticated breast procedures in the industry; these operations are often much more difficult than primary breast surgeries, and surgeons have the burden of dealing with thinning tissues, treating complications, and creating natural, aesthetically pleasing results.

Breast revision is about aesthetics and more; it’s about restoring normalcy in your life either by fixing a deformation or by treating a condition before it becomes a serious problem. If you’re considering a breast augmentation revision, it’s essential that you choose an experienced, highly-skilled surgeon like Dr. Sayed. Although Dr. Sayed has performed thousands of breast surgeries, what truly makes him a breast revision specialist is his incredible attention to detail, his focus on advanced technology and techniques, and his special compassion for his patients.

Dr. Sayed believes in “Aesthetics Done Right™,” and he achieves this mission using a blend of technology, technique, and excellent patient care. Using Crisalix software, Dr. Sayed can use a 3D simulation to help plan his patients’ breast revision or breast augmentation revision.

Breast Revision 101

Let’s look at the most common conditions that Dr. Sayed’s breast revision or breast augmentation revision can treat:


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Breast augmentation revision has varying degrees of complexity; if the patient needs to replace an implant, the surgery is much simpler, but breast revisions for conditions like malposition or capsular contracture require much more sophisticated techniques. As a seasoned specialist in breast surgery, Dr. Sayed offers patients peace of mind by offering the most advanced techniques in breast revision.

In cases of capsular contracture or the implants changing position, it’s essential that the surgeon reinsert the new implant in a manner that prevents the same problem from reoccurring. Simple problems in the capsule and migrating implants (also known as malposition) can sometimes be fixed by stitching the capsule tighter to reduce empty space. For more severe issues, this approach may not last as sutures can lose their strength.  Capsular contracture was also often fixed with a breast augmentation revision technique that moved the breast from underneath the breast tissue to under the muscle (subpectoral), but if the patient already had subpectoral placement, then tissues in the pocket were usually already thin or compromised.

One technique Dr. Sayed offers for breast augmentation revision is the neosubpectoral pocket/pocket exchange technique, a sophisticated method that creates a new pocket in front of the old pocket, but behind the muscle. The old pocket capsule is then stitched up and allowed to heal. Dr. Sayed can also convert the implants from a subglandular placement (under the breast tissue) to a dual plane approach (the implant partially submerged by the muscle). Dr. Sayed can also perform a complete capsulectomy, which removes the entire capsule from the pocket, and an en bloc removal, which removes the capsule and the implants in one unit.

To help enhance his breast revision results, Dr. Sayed often uses an acellular dermal matrix to not only support the breasts, but to reduce the risk of future complications occurring. Acellular dermal matrices (or “ADM’s”) are essentially biological scaffolds that help support the implants and strengthen the tissues around the implants. Acellular tissue matrices not only reduce the probability of capsular contracture and other complications from occurring again, but they also help Dr. Sayed position the breasts with precision.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Augmentation Revision

  • A previous cosmetic breast surgery with unsatisfactory results, including one or more of these factors: capsular contracture, symmastia, implant size dissatisfaction, asymmetry, scarring, or contour irregularities.
  • General good health, meaning you do not have major uncorrected cardiovascular, respiratory, kidney or other major organ conditions
  • Available support system of friends, family, caregivers or others who can help you to keep your appointments, complete your preop and postop tasks, and emotionally bolster you through this exciting journey
  • Reasonable expectations of results for breast revision

You recovery will vary greatly depending on what you’re treating; breast revision treatments like scar revision will have much shorter healing times, while breast augmentation revision will likely require a recovery similar to ones for breast augmentation and the breast lift.

  • Have a reasonable expectation of what breast revision can accomplish
  • Look at before and after photos and understand what kinds of breast revision techniques you
    are interested in
  • Don’t smoke or take nicotine in any form for at least 3 weeks and ideally longer before (and
    after) surgery
  • Stay well rested and well hydrated and eat a nutritious diet balanced with plenty of protein
  • If your diet is lacking in vitamins, take vitamin C and zinc supplementation but ask Dr. Sayed
    about other supplements. We have a list of ingredients we ask you to avoid in the immediate
    preop phase to optimize healing and minimize bleeding risk
  • Designate a caretaker who can help you through the first 5 to 7 days after your breast revision

Review our Pricing page to build a “wishlist” and get estimated pricing on breast augmentation revision or a combination of procedures. We also have a fee schedule available in the office after your consultation. Feel free to contact our San Diego office for a pre-consultation and we are happy to provide more information.