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In today’s mobile, socially conscious and pop culture-driven world, looking your best is increasingly important. We are scrutinizing every wrinkle, crease and facial feature in high definition on big and small screens every day. Celebrities and social media stars are making the selfie and highly stylized facial features like lips a part of our daily visual experience. We are sharing photos of ourselves trying to get the right angle, with the most flattering view, and even applying filters to enhance our features.

No wonder, then, that Botox® and fillers are growing exponentially in popularity. Dr. Sayed has even introduced a lip augmentation page on this website owing mainly to the “Kylie phenomenon.” Patients of a variety of ages are turning to fillers and Botox® to help ward off the etching of lines in the face, to plump areas of deficient volume, to help reshape the brows, and other goals. A wide array of botulinum toxin and filler products are now available and FDA-approved for use in the United States. Dr. Sayed only uses these approved products and cuts no corners; our goal is to achieve our motto of Aesthetics Done Right™. We disclose our on-label and off-label (see below for what that means) use, since these products are very commonly applied in extended areas by board certified plastic surgeons and dermatologists.

Dr. Sayed is pleased to participate in the Brilliant Distinctions program with Allergan®, where patients can earn reward points towards additional products with each injection of Botox®, Juvéderm®, Voluma®, Volbella®, or other Allergan injectable products.

The Main Properties of Botox® are:

  • Temporarily weakening certain muscles of facial expression in order to soften the lines on the face
  • Wearing off within 3-4 months for most patients, meaning if you are happy (we think you will be), we can most likely reproduce the result time and again, and in the rare event you are not, we can reassure you that once it wears off, we can review alternatives
  • FDA-approved and rigorously tested
  • The two most commonly used botulinum toxin products for cosmetic purposes – their main differences have to do with how they are dosed, whether the product can “migrate” a little into adjacent areas depending on the injection technique and number of sites, and the fact that they are produced by competing cosmetic injectable manufacturers

Alternatives to Botox®

While Botox® is easily one of the most recognizable brands in cosmetic surgery and neurotoxin treatment, it is by no means the only treatment on the market. In the last few decades, other botulinum toxin treatments have been developed, giving patients plenty of options to choose from. Of these, Dysport® is another popular option for freezing wrinkles in their tracks

Dysport® Injections

Contrary to popular belief, Botox® isn’t the only product that utilizes the neuroinhibiting properties of the botulinum toxin. Dysport® is another neuromodulator aesthetic product that acts similarly to Botox®; however, it has a more refined particle structure. Each product has its own unique benefits that will be more or less beneficial to each patient.

This subtle difference in formulation also makes Dysport® both an alternative to Botox® and a potential complementary treatment that addresses finer aspects of a patient’s appearance. For example, Botox® might be used to treat larger areas with more defined wrinkling, such as the forehead. In contrast, Dysport® effectively reduces finer wrinkles radiating from the eyes and between the eyes. After carefully evaluating your skin’s condition, Dr. Sayed and his team will recommend either Botox®, Dysport®, or a combination of each.

Choosing the Right Treatment

When we discuss and write about botulinum toxins, we will try to distinguish characteristics of these competing products. Dr. Sayed is adept at using both, but they have their pros and cons:

  • Botox® is more commonly used worldwide and was the first such product for cosmetic use in the US
  • Botox® tends to last about 3 months and is notable for “staying where you inject it”
  • Botox® may be bundled for pricing with Juvéderm® and other products in the Allergan injectables family, often at a discount to patients who are regular clients
  • Dysport® is known for diffusing a little bit from the point of injection, which may mean slightly fewer injection sites, although these are often no more uncomfortable than a minor pinch
  • Dysport® may last slightly longer than, but that does not necessarily translate into a price difference over the course of a typical year. It may mean one less visit per year but the results may be a little less reproducible from one time to the next


View real patient before & after results in our photo gallery.

Botox® 101

Botox® and Dysport® are injected with small needles (usually 30G, essentially the smallest needles in common use) at a series of injection points, depending on the distribution of lines and the patient’s goals and budget. Usually, we apply ice and/or a numbing cream to make the procedure comfortable. Many patients don’t even need the numbing techniques!

Botox® FAQ's

Botox and dysport typical injection sites

Most patients are candidates for these injections. Some of our selection criteria to include you as a candidate include:

  • Wrinkles and creases in the upper third of the face – we will also occasionally use these products for lines around the mouth
  • Lines of a certain depth – deeper lines may need additional use of fillers
  • General good health, meaning you do not have major uncorrected cardiovascular, respiratory, kidney or other major organ conditions, are not pregnant, and have no neurologic conditions or other contraindications
  • No prior allergic or other unpleasant reaction (these are very rare)
  • Reasonable expectations of how much youthful restoration is possible with specific techniques

For most patients, the actual process of injection takes as little as 3 minutes and rarely longer than 7 to ten minutes. This depends on how many areas are being treated and whether it is your first time or you are a repeat customer.

These injections have almost no downtime, although small injection site bruises occasionally occur. Sometimes the injection sites look like little mosquito bites of swelling for a few hours. We’d like you to take it easy for the first two days after the injections in terms of exercise and other vigorous cardiovascular activity. Also, we advise you not to manipulate the areas treated for 24 to 48 hours in order to not cause migration of the product. If you have a Friday or Saturday event, you might want to get your Botox® one week earlier to give yourself time for the effects to take place (it can be 3-10 days before Botox®/Dysport® effect is completely seen) and to ensure you don’t have to do anything special to conceal any swelling at the injection sites.

As a general rule of thumb, Dr. Sayed counsels Botox® patients that the product will likely wear off at around 3-4 months. Dysport® may last 4-5 months. Dr. Sayed usually performs Botox® unless the patient has a prior experience with Dysport® or a preference for it based on other factors. He and his staff will explain the options during your consultation.

  • Have a reasonable expectation of what injections can accomplish
  • Stay well rested and well hydrated and eat a nutritious diet balanced with plenty of protein
  • Know which areas concern you and do some mental math – glabella lines usually take 15-20 units of Botox®, the forehead 10-20, the Crow’s feet 8-10, etc. Think about your budget so we can prioritize if you can’t treat all areas.
  • Avoid blood thinners that you are not absolutely required to take, as well as certain over the counter drugs (we can furnish you with a list) that increase the bruising risk
  • Consider taking natural arnica montana supplements beforehand to minimize bruising risk
  • Come into the office without makeup if possible, as it will speed up your appointment (we have makeup wipes too)
  • Make sure you are not doing injections within 48 hours of an event if you will be in the public eye, as a small amount of bruising may briefly occur
  • Do not commit to heavy exercise within 48 hours to follow your injection in order to minimize risk of product migration

We don’t like to publish pricing as it is subject to market changes and dependent on the types of procedures you consider. We do have a fee schedule available in the office after your consultation, and we can give you an estimate through virtual consultation tools available on this site like our Zwivel® page. Feel free to contact us for a pre-consultation and we are happy to provide more information. Botox® and Dysport® are usually priced per unit of product used, and Dr. Sayed can counsel you before treatment on how many units are advised.

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