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Liquid Facelift

Liquid (Non-Surgical) Facelift – San Diego

As amazing as facelifts can be, not everyone is a candidate for them. Some patients are simply not ready to take the plunge and go under the knife, and others aren’t quite willing to try something so permanent. Others still may be a little young to consider facelift surgery. For patients in San Diego who want long-lasting, nonsurgical rejuvenation, Dr. Sayed offers the liquid facelift: a combination of neuromodulators (Botox® or Dysport®), dermal fillers, and other injectables that target volume loss and wrinkles with incredible precision.

Patients also don’t have to choose between minimally invasive treatment and facial surgery; Dr. Sayed can combine the liquid facelift with a surgical facelift to patients who want comprehensive rejuvenation. Patients with severe excess skin, deeply etched lines and wrinkles, complexion problems, and facial muscle tone that’s wasted away should consider a combination of procedures.


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Liquid Facelift 101

For the liquid facelift, Dr. Sayed offers neuromodulators (Botox®, Dysport®) that target “dynamic lines” on the face. Also known as “expression lines,” dynamic lines are the lines that form on the forehead, around the mouth, and on the corners of the eyes. Crow’s feet, frown lines (lines between the eyebrows), and the lines that form on top of the nose are all expression lines, and they form after certain muscles on the face contract repeatedly for decades. Neuromodulators like Botox® essentially prevent those muscles from contracting, effectively relaxing them perpetually and softening the appearance of expression lines. Expression lines and fine lines can be further reduced with fractional CO2 laser therapy or Fraxel laser systems.

For sunken cheeks and temples, hyaluronic acid dermal fillers (like Voluma and the Poly-L-lactic acid filler Sculptra®) can do wonders for lifting larger areas for longer periods of time. These injectables are also effective treatments for enhancing the cheekbones.

Nasolabial folds (the deep creases that run from the nose to the corners of the lips) and marionette lines (the folds that go from the corners of the lips down to the chin) can be treated by Juvéderm® Volbella and Juvéderm® Vollure, two dermal fillers that have an advanced Vycross formulation that creates natural, long-lasting results.

Of course, the lips can also be drastically affected by aging; to restore volume loss in the lips, Dr. Sayed offers Juvéderm® Ultra XC, a hyaluronic acid dermal filler that plumps and nourishes the lips, as well as the newer filler products like Allergan’s Vollure and Volbella.

Dr. Sayed employs a “six-area” injection technique for the liquid facelift; with the six-area technique, Dr. Sayed addresses sunken temples, hollowed cheeks and lower cheeks, notches on the jowls, creases on the chin, and the nasolabial/marionette areas.

Dr. Sayed has extensively studied the effects of aging on the face, and he knows that different factors like volume loss, shifting fat pads, and loss of muscles can all play a role in aging. By addressing the multiple roots of aging, Dr. Sayed prides himself on creating natural correction; the goal is not to make patients look entirely different, but to simply make them look a few years younger.

FAQs About the Liquid Facelift in San Diego

An ideal candidate is a patient who:

  • Wants comprehensive facial rejuvenation without surgery or a long downtime
  • Wants to address deep wrinkles and sunken areas on the face
  • Wants to address wrinkles and finer signs of aging that a facelift can’t treat
  • Has realistic expectations about what a liquid facelift can do

It will all depend on the patient and their aesthetic goals, but a liquid facelift usually takes about an hour to perform.

A liquid facelift is completely nonsurgical, so patients won’t have to undergo a long downtime or recovery. In fact, patients can return to their normal activities immediately after their treatment.

Patients will experience some side effects like swelling, bruising, and soreness in the days following their treatment. For neuromodulators and dermal fillers, side effects might last for up to a week then gradually fade. For lip augmentation, the recovery may take about 2 weeks.

This can be quite variable since these injectables last for different amounts of time. Dermal fillers like Sculptra® have been known to last for up to two years, while neuromodulators tend to last about 3-4 months. Some dermal fillers and neuromodulators will require some maintenance throughout the year.

  • Patients can limit bruising and swelling at the treatment site by avoiding alcohol, vitamin E, aspirin, St. John’s Wart, ibuprofen and Aleve 1-2 weeks before their treatment
  • If you have a sunburn or an infection, you should wait until it heals completely before undergoing the procedure
  • Avoid strenuous activity the day of your treatment to prevent circulation from affecting your results

In addition to having your injectable delivered using an incredibly fine needle, your injectables will be performed by an experienced, skilled injector: Dr. Sayed himself. He’ll take great care to minimize any discomfort. Not only will he strive to make your treatment as painless as possible, but our fillers are all formulated with lidocaine, a local anesthetic. If the patient needs it, we also use an electric stimulator device along with topical anesthetics and nerve blocks.

Pricing is dependent on variables like the type of injectables used and the volume of injectables. Review our Pricing page to build a “wishlist” and get estimated pricing on a liquid facelift or a combination of procedures. We also have a fee schedule available in the office after your consultation. Feel free to contact our San Diego office for a pre-consultation and we are happy to provide more information.

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