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CryoPen Treatment in La Jolla and Newport Beach, CA, at Tim Sayed MD Plastic Surgery

Skin ailments are among the most prevalent concerns patients have when coming to Dr. Sayed. From freckles and uneven skin pigmentation to liver spots, warts, red blisters, or skin tags, patients desire and deserve skin they can be confident in and feel proud of.

Thirteen years in the making, the FDA-approved CryoPen is the most advanced, technologically innovative tool in cryotherapy on the market today.

Using controlled freezing therapy, the CryoPen improves unwanted skin blemishes to provide you with smoother healthier skin with fewer flaws.

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What Is CryoPen Therapy?

CryoPen is a handheld device that uses pulsed controlled cold (as low as -128 degrees Fahrenheit) created by liquid nitrous oxide. It provides a safe, effective solution for the removal of undesirable skin imperfections.


The device’s design makes it ideal for treating skin concerns on all parts of the body, including:

  • Freckles on the face, neck, and backs of hands
  • Sunspots on skin regularly exposed to the sun
  • Age and liver spots
  • Warts on fingers, toes, feet, and other body parts
  • Skin tags on the lower abdomen, neck, or wherever else they may arise

How Does CryoPen Work?

CryoPen therapy works by hyper-freezing areas of skin with pinpoint precision. Nitrous oxide destroys the unwanted skin cells by freezing fluid inside the cells. Once this fluid is frozen, it crystallizes, thus rupturing the cell membrane and destroying the cell.

This controlled, precise destruction of unwanted cells ensures surrounding healthy tissue remains intact and untouched during the process.

Am I a Good Candidate for CryoPen Treatment?

If you find yourself concerned by the appearance or sensation of any skin ailment we’ve listed, you’re likely a perfect candidate for CryoPen treatment!

The treatment is minimally invasive, affordable, and doesn’t require recovery time, which means it can help most people with skin concerns.

What Can I Expect Before, During, and After My CryoPen Treatment?

If you think CryoPen is right for you, learn more about what this procedure entails at every stage.


The first step in your CryoPen journey is to reach out to Dr. Sayed and arrange a consultation. During this discussion, you’ll confirm that CryoPen treatment is indeed the right solution for your issues. Then, you’ll set a treatment date.


The CryoPen treatment itself often takes only a few minutes in most cases. An anesthetic isn’t necessary, because the freezing sensation creates a numbing effect.

Dr. Sayed will hover the CryoPen over the treatment area for approximately 10 to 25 seconds per area, and that’s all it takes! When the area freezes, the site will turn white.


After treatment, the frozen area begins to thaw, and a weal forms. Over the next two to 24 hours, a scab-like crust forms over the treated lesion. Very rarely, the weal turns into a blister. Any crust you notice will fall off by itself one to two weeks after treatment.

You might notice the skin around the treated area appears darker, but this is because new cell tissue is forming. Your skin will return to its standard color over several weeks.


View real patient before & after results in our photo gallery.

CryoPen FAQs

Ideally, you should leave the treated area uncovered during healing, but a simple bandage can cover the area if you’re experiencing friction or rubbing. Please don’t remove or pick at the crust before it falls off; otherwise, a scar might form.

Yes, you can travel via whatever transportation you prefer after your treatment. Just try to keep the area free from moisture or friction while you do so.

When performed by a trained medical professional such as Dr. Sayed, there are minimal risks associated with CryoPen therapy. However, when an inexperienced provider completes the procedure, you can run the risk of:

  • Surrounding skin damage
  • Unwanted areas treated
  • Excessive blistering around the treatment area

Nonetheless, the procedure is typically safe, and you can expect fantastic results with only mild, if any, discomfort during and after the procedure.

CryoPen treatment is generally brief. Many patients are in and out within 10 to 20 minutes. Your precise appointment time will depend on what you are having addressed. Nonetheless, the process is quick and often possible to fit within a lunch break.

People with darker skin are better off getting multiple shorter treatments because the longer treatments suitable for lighter skin kill off melanocytes in the area, which can permanently lighten skin pigmentation.

As such, short freezing cycles of three to six seconds at two-week intervals are ideal for darker skin – this addresses your skin issue, while preserving as much of your pigmentation as possible.

In most cases, CryoPen provides permanent removal of the skin concern. Some areas require multiple shorter treatments for effective and safe removal, and deeper lesions may need more aggressive treatment to get your desired results.

Temporarily, patients can expect skin darkening and lightening after receiving CryoPen. However, this goes away with time. When you have your  procedure performed by a professional, scarring is highly unlikely.

Giving a precise cost for CryoPen is challenging, as it depends on the extent of treatment necessary.

The price depends on the number of areas to address and the total length of time. As a starting guideline, 25 seconds of treatment – which is generally enough to treat most issues – starts at around $50.

CryoPen Therapy in Newport Beach and La Jolla, CA

If you’re concerned about either irritating or aesthetically undesirable skin ailments, CryoPen therapy can help you enjoy comfortable skin that you can be confident in.

To arrange a consultation with a leading specialist, contact Dr. Tim Sayed at (858) 247-2933 or fill out our quick online form today to arrange your consultation.