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Dr. Sayed’s practice offers NeoGraft® as an in-office procedure, in partnership with La Jolla Professional Plastic Surgery Center. NeoGraft is a revolutionary hair transplantation technology that uses a patient’s own hair to restore a healthy and youthful-looking hairline. The process is minimally-invasive, performed right in our on-site surgery facility, and requires no incisions. 

The NeoGraft technology is available to both men and women who are experiencing hair loss. It uses the follicular unit extraction technique (FUE), which offers more natural results and minimal scarring when compared to traditional scalp strip methods.

The on-site NeoGraft service is supported by highly trained technicians who will work closely with you to achieve your cosmetic goals. Reclaim your confidence and thick, healthy hair with NeoGraft FUE hair restoration.

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How NeoGraft Works

Dr. Sayed performs NeoGraft hair restoration in several steps:

Step 1: Graft Extraction

Hair located on the back of the head is genetically programmed to be more resistant to hair loss, so this is the area where our specialist meticulously harvests donor hair follicles. Instead of using incisions to extract the healthy follicles, a special device extracts hair using pneumatic pressure, which essentially suctions out the follicle. This technique creates precise treatment and results in less damage to the graft. The grafts can also be implanted sooner, compared to traditional methods.

Step 2: Preparing the Grafts and Transplant Sites

After our practitioner extracts follicles, he carefully separates them by size, allowing him to recreate the natural growth pattern of your hair more accurately. The transplant sites will then be prepared to receive the grafts according to the different sizes. In addition to producing a more natural-looking appearance, this also increases the “take rate” of the grafts.

Step 3: Transplanting the Grafts

The extracted grafts are transplanted into the areas of thinning hair. NeoGraft requires no incisions during the transplanting process. The handheld device uses piston-driven pneumatic pressure to insert the grafts with precision. Your NeoGraft practitioner will take special care to transplant the graft concerning the direction and angle of the surrounding hair. This attention to detail results in natural-looking hair density.

Is NeoGraft Hair Restoration Right for You?

People who undergo this procedure often experience hair loss due to the following factors:

  • Genetics
  • Age
  • Hormonal fluctuations
  • Certain health conditions
  • Lifestyle factors

NeoGraft hair restoration is minimally invasive, making it an excellent option for most healthy people, as long as they have a sufficient amount of donor hair at the back of the head. This treatment is also ideal for those who want to avoid invasive alternatives that require incisions and visible scarring.

If you are considering this procedure, Dr. Sayed would be happy to meet with you for a pre-consultation. Dring this appointment, you can have all questions or concerns addressed in detail. If you decide to take the next step, our team will provide you with a customized treatment plan to achieve your cosmetic hair restoration goals.

FAQs About NeoGraft Hair Restoration in San Diego

Does This Treatment Result in Visible Scarring?

In most cases, no. NeoGraft is such a popular option because it requires absolutely no scalpel incisions and produces minimal scarring. Instead of using a scalpel, this technique uses piston-driven pneumatic pressure technology. Grafts are suctioned and inserted using forced air.

While other techniques leave behind linear scars, NeoGraft produces only pinprick-sized scars that are virtually imperceptible once healed. Most scars are not visible even if the patient chooses to wear a short hairstyle after treatment.

What Is Recovery Like?

Because no scalpel incisions are used during treatment, recovery is much quicker and more comfortable compared to other hair restoration techniques. It’s common for patients to experience some swelling and mild pain for the first few days. The donor sites and transplant sites may also have scabbing after 3-4 days. Most of your symptoms should resolve by one week.

Will I Have to Shave My Entire Head Before Treatment?

Not necessarily. If you wear your hair long, we can shave small sections of the back of your head, which will be covered by the rest of your hair.

Who Is a Good Candidate?

If you want to have the option of wearing a very short haircut on the sides or back of your scalp or hope to have the least amount of restrictions on your activity after a hair transplant, you may be a good candidate for NeoGraft. NeoGraft can also successfully “camouflage” scars among patients who have had prior linear harvests, and provide body hair transplants as well. 

Overall, ideal candidates are in good overall health with moderate hair loss and sufficient donor hair on the back of the scalp for transplanting to any balding areas. If you have greater hair fullness and density in these areas, you can expect fuller results. It is also essential to have reasonable aesthetic goals. Hair transplantation can achieve impressive, natural-looking results, but cannot restore hair volume to the same density as a teenager. During your consultation, we will discuss the amount of needed coverage to achieve your ideal outcomes. 

When Will You See Results?

The best way to know when you’ll see results is to understand the hair grafting process. Once Dr. Sayed takes follicles from the hair in the back of your head, which naturally grow, he transplants them onto the balding area. Because hair follicles grow cyclically, your grafted hair will stay in place for around two to three weeks and then begin to shed. This shedding is a healthy and vital part of the growth process. Afterward, new follicles will start to grow in three to four months and will continue to grow naturally. Most importantly, the results will look natural and healthy. 

How Long Will Your Hair Restoration Last?

Though transplantation addresses hair loss, it does not stop the hair loss process. Some patients require continued maintenance or follow-up sessions, particularly if the balding pattern continues as you age. Further hair loss or a desire for greater density can require additional transplants. Dr. Sayed will fully discuss his estimate of your balding pattern and the number of procedures needed during your consultation.

My Hair Isn’t Growing as Fast as I Expected; Is Something Wrong?

Each person’s hair growth rate varies, so don’t worry if your hair is taking longer to grow than you expected. Most patients will see a full head of natural hair grow in 12 to 18 months following their procedure.

Will People Be Able to Tell I’ve Gotten a Hair Transplant?

No. Your hair post-NeoGraft will look natural, because it is. Immediately following the procedure, you may see some small scabbing in the transplanted area for around five to seven days. However, you can conceal these scabs with your existing hair or by wearing a hat, which you can safely do immediately after your procedure. 

Can I Have Someone Else’s Hair Transplanted?

Unfortunately not, as your body wouldn’t recognize another person’s follicles and would reject them. NeoGraft provides such effective results because your body recognizes all transplanted follicles as familiar cells, which allow for hair growth to continue naturally.

Is NeoGraft Effective on Women?

Absolutely. NeoGraft hair restoration is an excellent choice for women who are experiencing hair loss. 

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