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Male Abdominal Reduction (Body Contouring for Men)

Body Contouring for Men – San Diego

Now that plastic surgery tailored for men is on the rise, we’re seeing more and more male patients who readily undergo cosmetic procedures. These men want their builds to reflect how energetic they feel, and because of this, they look to eliminate bulgy areas of fat on the abdomen that just won’t go away. Whether it’s the dreaded “dad bod” or simply deposits of fat that are impervious to diet and exercise, some men have difficulty attaining a build that reflects how truly vibrant they feel. We like to call this a “Daddy Do-over” procedure!

For men who wish to achieve an athletic figure, San Diego plastic surgeon Dr. Sayed is proud to offer a procedure that’s truly made for men: male abdominal reduction, a treatment that combines abdominal liposculpture with a mini-tummy tuck. With this body contouring procedure specially designed for men, our patients can look forward to a sleeker, more masculine build that can have them showing off their six-pack in time for summer.


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Body Contouring for Men 101

An abdominal liposculpture treatment is more than just removing excess fat—it’s truly about sculpting the treatment area. Liposculpture is a delicate liposuction treatment that sculpts the abdominal fat in a way that better reveals a patient’s abdominal muscles. Instead of having stubborn deposits of fat that hide toned abs, liposculpture can shape the fat layer to better highlight and define your abs. We take great pains to make sure our liposculpture results look as athletic and masculine as possible, and we avoid creating roundness in the hips when correcting the flanks.

Liposculpture can also be combined with a mini tummy tuck to further narrow the waistline and tighten the midsection.

FAQs About Body Contouring for Men

The proper candidate for body contouring for men should have these characteristics:

  • Relatively fit
  • Good skin elasticity
  • Have a minimal amount of fat around the abdomen
  • Some excess skin on the belly
  • Loose abdominal muscles
  • Love handles – stubborn deposits of fat on the flanks
  • No hernias – although some can be repaired by us
  • General good health, meaning you do not have major uncorrected cardiovascular, respiratory, kidney or other major organ conditions, and would be able to be medically cleared for general anesthesia by an internal medicine physician if you are over a certain age
  • Nonsmoker or willing to commit to NO NICOTINE IN ANY FORM for at least 4 weeks pre-op and for the duration of the recovery period
  • A body mass index below 35 and ideally below 30 for optimal results, with rare exceptions
  • Available support system of friends, family, caregivers or others who can help you to keep your appointments, and complete your preop and postop tasks

It will depend on the patient and the degree or correction the they need. Typically, a male abdominal reduction takes around 3-4 hours to complete, but the patient’s safety and operative time are our two most important considerations.

After their procedure, patients will spend a couple of hours in the postoperative suite before they’re discharged to a family member, friend, or caretaker. Sometimes, it’s advised that the patient spend the night in a 24-hour observation facility or hospital. Patients will be given a phone number that’s available 24/7 that they can call for any questions about their recovery from body contouring for men. We also have a patient engagement app that you or your caretaker can use to send texts, photos, videos, and other content in a secure, private digital format. This allows us to update your instructions while allowing us to monitor your recovery from a far. Of course, we will provide you with pain medication to help with discomfort, as well as other supplement medications to help with bruising, swelling, constipation, and to help speed up healing.

Because of the liposculpture and the mini tummy tuck, patients will experience abdominal pain, muscle cramping, mild nausea, back discomfort (from having to walk stooped over), bruising, swelling, and numbness after the surgery. Patients should sit out of social events for three weeks, avoid exercise for 4 weeks, and avoid driving for 14 days or as long as you’re taking prescription pain medication. You will probably have some drains placed that will need to be removed in our office after 10-14 days. You will also be asked to wear a compression garment for about three months to reduce swelling. Once they heal, the scars from the liposculpture will only look like small moles. The mini tummy tuck also creates a smaller incision than a typical tummy tuck.

The scars from the mini tummy tuck might take up to a year to fully heal, but the improvement from the liposculpture and the tuck are visible right away. Weight gain might compromise your results; however, if you maintain your results by eating healthy and keeping fit, your results will be permanent.

  • Have a reasonable expectation of what liposculpture and a tuck can accomplish – understand that this is not a weight loss surgery
  • Don’t smoke or take nicotine in any form for at least 4 weeks and ideally longer before (and after) surgery
  • Stay well rested and well hydrated and eat a nutritious diet balanced with plenty of protein
  • If your diet is lacking in vitamins, take vitamin C and zinc supplementation but ask Dr. Sayed about other supplements. We have a list of ingredients we ask you to avoid in the immediate preop phase to optimize healing and minimize bleeding risk.
  • Designate a caretaker who can help you through the first 7-14 days after your abdominoplasty
  • Identify whether you think you might have a hernia bulge in your belly button or abdomen
  • Lose weight to get to a target which we can set together based on your body mass index (BMI) – ideally, we’d like to help you get it below 30, but there is a reasonable range depending on other factors

Because each procedure we do is highly customized to each patient, pricing is best left post consultation so we can provide an accurate cost. Review our Pricing page to build a “wishlist” and get estimated pricing on male abdominal reduction or a combination of procedures. We also have a fee schedule available in the office after your consultation. Feel free to contact our San Diego office for a pre-consultation and we are happy to provide more information. You can also contact us on our Contact Us form here on our website to schedule your consultation.

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