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Laser Resurfacing

Laser Resurfacing – San Diego

Laser resurfacing represents a powerful approach to improving the texture of the skin. Alone or in combination with facelifting, browlifting, blepharoplasty, fillers, and Botox®, the technique of laser resurfacing can help restore youthful appearance and vigor to the skin. While Botox® helps address wrinkles and lines by reducing the overactivity of the muscles that lead to certain lines, and fillers help to replenish volume into areas that are depleted, laser resurfacing acts on the outermost layers of the skin to exfoliate and restore new cells to the surface. This is similar to buffing down an irregularity and then repaving or repainting a surface – the buffing process removed old layers and smooths out some uneven textures, and then the repaving and repainting processes replenish the outer covering.

There are many resurfacing laser devices out there. Dr. Sayed is particularly experienced with Fraxel and the Sciton laser peel system, among others. We have access to many laser devices for a variety of needs. Some patients elect to undergo laser resurfacing as a (probably better) alternative to chemical peels, to help improve wrinkling and color blemishing on the skin. Others may combine laser resurfacing around the mouth and forehead with a facelift or comprehensive face+brow+eyelids procedure. Facelifting can lift skin and support muscle tone, fillers and fat can restore volume, but only resurfacing technologies can smooth out the texture itself.

Laser resurfacing is only one of the many methods available for texture improvements. Other methods include:

  • Chemical peels with TCA, glycolic acid, salicylic acid and other products
  • Dermabrasion
  • Microneedling

Dr. Sayed can discuss the pros and cons of these methods. Laser resurfacing confers certain advantages which include:

  • Potentially greater effect with a single downtime
  • Ability to make multiple passes in one procedure for a deeper exfoliation
  • Tunable modes for targeting different depths of resurfacing
  • Potential for multiple wavelengths of laser energy available to also treat brown spots, red spots, capillaries, unwanted hair, etc.

Most patients who have a “full laser resurfacing” procedure do so with some light sedation in the office or OR, with minimal downtime. Fraxel and other more superficial lasers can be applied easily in the office under topical (or even no) anesthesia, but more treatments are usually required.

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