Practice Philosophy | Newport Beach | La Jolla, San Diego | Tim Sayed, MD, FACS

Practice Philosophy

Dr. Sayed has a simple philosophy: to achieve Aesthetics Done Right™.

It starts with respect. We treat everyone as a VIP. Each patient is a celebrity, deserving of compassion, honesty, integrity, and value.

Each patient receives our undivided attention. We are focused and committed to providing superior service.

Everyone’s time is precious – we know there are other things you could be doing with your time and money, and we are honored and humbled that you choose to spend them with us.

We want for you what you want for yourself: a great outcome. Let’s communicate about your goals and our capabilities and together we’ll select the best ways to achieve this fit. If we select you as a patient and you select us as your plastic surgery office, you can be assured of a highly skilled surgeon doing everything he can to get you a great result and deliver a highly personalized service.

You are somebody’s family member. We’ll treat you like one of ours

Integrity and Talent

This is a “No-Spin Zone” when it comes to delivering excellence in plastic surgery. We will not cajole, hard sell or pressure you into a plastic surgery procedure or a skin care product. We will listen to your goals and offer what we think will give you a result of which we can both be proud. If you are not a candidate for a procedure or treatment with us, we will tell you honestly and respectfully. We will not promote unproven, excessively risky, or sensational procedures and techniques just to keep up with trends. If you meet our stringent criteria for surgical candidacy – and we meet your expectations during our consultation – we will work tirelessly in pursuit of an amazing experience for you.

You are welcome to tell everyone you know about us and your plastic surgery experience, but you don’t have to. We respect your privacy and the intimate nature of trusting yourself to a plastic surgeon’s hands. Your results may look so natural and harmonious that people may barely whisper with wonder. Or you may wish to spread the word. This is how great plastic surgeons build their reputations: word of mouth from satisfied patients.

You will see claims on most cosmetic plastic surgery websites boasting about good results, diplomas and boards, patient safety, artistry, etc. Sophisticated patients know to look for board certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery as well as membership in the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Yes, Dr. Sayed has these credentials as well. But they are only a starting point. These should be a given. Sadly, there are many highly unqualified people out there performing cosmetic surgery outside the scope of their education and training, taking advantage of patients and their hard earned money, putting profits ahead of patients. It is the personal touch and relationships that a superbly trained and time-tested plastic surgeon builds with patients and colleagues – based on consistent skill, ethical behavior, community contribution, and putting patients first – which distinguishes surgeons like Dr. Sayed.

Excellence Matters

We aspire to be the best. Dr. Sayed has spent a lifetime working hard to be among the top plastic surgeons, by excelling at scholarship, artistic talent, and working with others. He has been at the top of his peer group at every step of his academic and professional development but recognizes that if you think you can’t be topped, you stop improving. It is this relentless drive for exemplary performance and a perfectionist nature that constantly motivates him to help our plastic surgery patients realize their goals.

That is what has people traveling from all over the world and the United States to have surgery with Dr. Sayed. That is what has led to Dr. Sayed earning top grades from patient review sites for his technical abilities, bedside manner, and office experience. That is what has other plastic surgeons wanting to work side-by-side with Dr. Sayed. That is what prompts the media to ask Dr. Sayed for professional opinions on beauty, cosmetic surgery and innovation.

That is what keeps patients coming back and staying in our community of devotees.

That is Aesthetics Done Right™.