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Dr. Sayed has authored several publications in peer-reviewed medical journals as well as in periodicals for the public. He contributes a regular column for Modern Aesthetics Magazine, where he advises other plastic surgeons on how to modernizing their medical offices and provide a better patient experience.

While still in medical school, Dr. Sayed contributed Surgery and Anatomy chapters to the popular First Aid for the USMLE and First Aid for the Wards series from Appleton & Lange. Much of his original content remains in the most recent editions of these publications, 20 years later.

During his residency training, Dr. Sayed published articles on trauma, breast reconstruction and rhinoplasty techniques, and had the opportunity to present his findings at meetings like the New England Surgical Society and American Society of Plastic Surgeons Senior Residents Conference. He continues to advise young plastic surgeons about entering practice, diversifying work/life balance, and working with industry as an experienced and trusted consultant and innovator.

Dr. Sayed was recently asked to co-author a chapter on digital tools for plastic surgeons in one of the definitive textbooks for plastic surgeons, Neligan’s Plastic Surgery, edited by one of his residency colleagues and mentors, Dr. Geoffrey Gurtner. This latest edition is expected to help shape the education of the next generation of plastic surgeons.

As a physician interested in innovation and modernization of healthcare, Dr. Sayed has taken to describing the new era of connected patients and personalized medical healthcare as “Elegance-Based Medicine,” a method he practices in his own care of patients. This translates into using telemedicine tools to facilitate cosmetic consultations and pre-consultation discussions with patients looking for cosmetic plastic surgery (from all around the world), regularly answering questions on, tweeting (@timsayedmd) and blogging to patients to educate the public on plastic surgery and other medical information.

Some of Dr. Sayed’s published works can be downloaded on this page.

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