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Dr. Tim Sayed, Plastic Surgery in San Diego

In the information age, it’s more important than ever to find a cosmetic surgery practice that keeps its finger on our culture’s pulse. For patients seeking plastic surgery in San Diego, it’s more than sharing their experiences with the online world; it’s about working with a sophisticated professional who can harness state-of-the-art technology along with cutting-edge techniques, to guide patients through their journeys to confidence and pride in their bodies.

Tim Sayed, MD, MBA, FACS
About Tim Sayed, MD, MBA, FACS

A Visionary in Plastic Surgery

It’s all in the details. From major surgical procedures like breast augmentation to nonsurgical treatments like Botox®, Dr. Sayed applies incredible attention to detail. And it’s not just about the logistics of the procedure; Dr. Sayed will deeply consider each patient’s motivations, aesthetic goals, support structure, and more to further personalize and plan the patient’s procedure. When it comes to plastic surgery, Dr. Sayed – a musician and artist in his spare time – strives to create natural, refined results which are truly harmonious for each patient.

Dr. Sayed and his staff believe that the commitment to undergoing cosmetic treatment is a momentous decision which needs to be approached with kindness and compassion, and this starts by offering a comprehensive, detailed consultation process with an emphasis on educating the patient about plastic surgery procedures and options. Dr. Sayed uses sophisticated drawing tools, the patient’s images, and anatomic education tools that he helped develop himself to inform the patient of every aspect of the procedure. Dr Sayed’s signature procedures include breast implant removal, breast lift and tummy tuck

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Boutique Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach and San Diego

Dr. Sayed is a visionary in plastic surgery—in more ways than one. Intent on changing the doctor-patient paradigm, Dr. Sayed built a boutique practice that, like the best technology, is responsive to the patient’s needs and goals. To Dr. Tim Sayed, technology empowers his patients to connect with him in a way that traditional practices can’t offer.

At Dr. Sayed’s practice in Newport Beach and San Diego, beautiful technique meets sophisticated technology. He doesn’t just use his impeccable training to offer the latest methods for cosmetic and reconstructive surgery; he also uses new and innovative tools for patient engagement, the consultation process, education about plastic surgery, and performance of the procedure itself. Dr. Sayed regularly reaches out to patients with video consultation tools and health coaching software, and he supplements his educational consultation sessions with virtual simulations which allow patients to visualize their potential results. In addition to in-office exams, Dr. Sayed’s patients will be given access to a patient engagement application that will let the patient send digitally secure messages, photos, and more to update Dr. Sayed on their recovery.


“No more bumpy nose! Doctor Tim Sayed…what can I say about him? He was lovely, kind of like a concerned relative or something…his support was just great!”

- Rhinoplasty Patient
“Effortless interaction from start to finish. Easy to comprehend, communicative and knowledgeable. Bedside manner was truly excellent, I actually felt spoiled!”
- Blepharoplasty Patient

“I realized I made a good decision choosing him in just several minutes from stepping into his office. Dr. Sayed has a warm pleasant attitude that made me feel very comfortable. It’s easy to freak out during an appt concerning future surgery and he took all my fear away, cancelling the ubiquitous ‘man in white robe’ syndrome. His skills are also very impressive, my body looks a lot better thanks to his lipo performance.”

- Liposuction Patient
“I’m so incredibly happy with my breasts!!! Dr. Tim Sayed is exceptional and his surgical assistant was fantastic. She answered all my questions and took her time explaining my procedure to me. She made me feel at ease and confidant that i could take the step to being the woman I am today! I couldn’t be more grateful to her and Dr. Sayed. Wish I would have done this years ago  🙂  “
- Breast Augmentation Patient

“Best plastic surgeon I could have! He was meticulous, delicate and had tons of patience. I warmly recommend this guy.”

- Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) Patient

“Slim and petite, did lipo on my lower abs. Big thanks and congrats to Dr. Sayed and his team for all the efforts and hard work in delivering results and making me feel as comfortable as possible throughout the process. Highly recommended if you’re looking for a lipo MD!”

- Liposuction Patient

“Sagging breasts after nursing and weight loss… I got along with Dr Sayed right from the start. Didn’t like the doctor I had my first consultation with, he was just sitting there waiting for me to ask all the questions, I received no support. Dr Sayed however explained the whole process, first in more general terms, then he offered me all the details from the anesthesia to what kind of sutures he’ll use. I’m beyond pleased with his conduct and skill!”

- Breast Lift Patient

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