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Your Eye Lift Procedure Removes Hooding and More

As we age, our bodies also start to show the signs of age. One of the most prominent signs is drooping and hooded eyes. This is a difficult problem to live with as it effects both the beauty of your eyes and how they function.

When someone is speaking with you, it is your eyes that draw their attention. Having hooded or sagging eyelids can make you look old, tired, and less engaged with the people you are interacting with. It has been often said that eyes are the windows to the soul. So naturally, you would want them to look as good as possible.

Fortunately, there is a way to improve upon the changes that occur in your eyes as you age and that is known as an eye lift. This treatment is effective in removing the excess skin from your upper eyelids to reduce bagginess.

This surgical procedure is performed on an outpatient basis, meaning that you can return home the same day, soon after the procedure is completed. Not only does this surgery help improve the problems caused by the aging process, it also helps in improving the eyesight in older people by removing the excess skin that might be blocking their line of sight.

The Eyelid Aging Process

Aging skin tends to lose its elasticity. The loss of the skin’s elasticity and the gravity’s constant pull on the body causes an excess of skin to gather on the lower and upper eyelids. The excess skin can then cause other signs of aging such as bulges and wrinkles. Sometimes, an extra layer of skin can hang over the eyes, blocking an individual’s line of sight.

Good Candidates For An Eye Lift Procedure

People who have realistic expectations and those who are in good general health are the best candidates for this procedure. Most candidates are typically 35 years or older. In some rare cases, drooping eyelids are hereditary and the people who have inherited such a trait may choose to have this surgery earlier in their life.

Advantages of Eye Lift Surgery

The excellent results of this surgery are sure to boost your self-esteem and build up your confidence. The surgery enhances your appearance and makes you look younger. It is important to have realistic goals as this surgery will not completely change the shape of your face.You should discuss your goals with your surgeon prior to the surgery.

There are a variety of eye lift procedures you could opt for. Your surgeon will lay out all your options and give you advice on which technique he thinks will best suit your needs.

Recovery Period of the Eyelid Surgery

After the procedure, your doctor will close the incisions with sutures. These sutures will last for about a week and gradually dissolve. You may, however, experience some swelling or bruising. The typical recovery period for this surgery is about two weeks.

You should talk to your surgeon if you continue to experience swelling or bruising two weeks after the surgery. Remember to follow your doctor’s instructions carefully for a faster healing process.

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