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How Can I Expect My Neck Lift to Look Over Time?

The face is the focal point of our aesthetic. A well-balanced, smooth, vibrant countenance exudes confidence, calm, and happiness.

One of the most important features contributing to this overall aesthetic is the neck. And more people understand this, with neck lift surgery increasing in popularity each year.

At Tim Sayed MD Plastic Surgery, one of the most common questions our patients ask us is, “How will my neck lift look over time?” Here, double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Tim Sayed answers this question.

What Does a Neck Lift Do?

You may have admired your favorite celebrities’ long, elegant, ageless necks and wondered how you can emulate their look. A neck lift surgery removes excess skin in and around the chin, jawline, and lower neck. Dr. Sayed can achieve a more dramatic result by removing fatty tissue from around the ears as well.

Many people opt to combine this procedure with a facelift or browlift for even more comprehensive anti-aging results.

How Will Your Results Change Over Time?

As you get older, the skin on your neck will thin out and begin to sag, just like elsewhere on your body.

You can expect your neck lift results to remain stable for five to 10 years, during which time you can maintain your optimal results by making specific lifestyle changes. The loss of skin elasticity is a natural part of the aging process, but you can take steps to slow the process.

  • Don’t smoke. Smoking damages the body’s rejuvenation system, and production of structural proteins such as collagen slows when people are long-term, chronic smokers.
  • Protect your skin from the sun. Sun damage is a leading cause of premature aging, so wear a hat and sunscreen when going outside to slow the skin aging process and maintain the results from your neck lift longer.
  • Eat a balanced, healthy diet and try fasting once a week. If you allow your body to enter a fasting state – that is, not eating anything for a 16-hour window – you’ll begin to experience rejuvenation at a cellular level. To slow the aging process, try intermittent fasting once or twice a week.

Neck Lift in Newport Beach, CA

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