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Virtual Consultation

Dr. Sayed offers patients the opportunity to engage in a virtual (online) consultation and can also offer certain follow-up services remotely.

New patient consultations for out-of-town patients can be scheduled through Zwivel®, an online cosmetic consultation resource in which Dr. Sayed participates. On Zwivel we can answer many of your questions.

A video chat portion of the remote consultation can be conducted through VSee, a video conferencing platform that is used by many telemedicine systems for video patient engagement. After we take initial information through Zwivel, email (, or our contact form, we can arrange a video chat for a virtual examination.

Dr. Sayed treats many out-of-town patients from all over Southern California, South Florida, New York, Mexico, Latin America, The Middle East, Asia, and other locations. He has been sought after to offer his services in far away lands like Dubai and Egypt. While we are exploring opportunities to bring our services to locations overseas, we currently offer surgery in San Diego and Newport Beach. We work with accredited facilities and hospitals to ensure safe and discreet environments.Click HERE to get your 3D consultation

Dr. Sayed and his staff will do their best to accommodate your preferred time slots for consultations, subject to mutual availability. Please be prepared to answer questions about your medical history, your cosmetic goals, and your budget, in order to make the consultation as productive as possible. An in-person face-to-face examination prior to surgery is required for all patients. This can be scheduled for properly cleared out-of-town patients so that it coincides with your surgical trip. In person examination findings may change certain aspects about your candidacy for surgery, the recommended procedure(s), pricing, or other considerations.

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