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Enhance Your Muscle Appearance with Hi-Def Liposculpture

For individuals who want to fine-tune their figures by targeting fatty deposits that detract from well-defined areas of their physique, body contouring has a popular way to enhance your shape. Within the realm of body contouring procedures currently available, only one has been shown to enhance muscle appearance as well: hi-def liposculpture.

What is Hi-Def Liposculpture?

Hi-definition liposculpture is an innovative technique for body contouring. This treatment relies on targeted liposuction over specific muscles of the abdomen. This creates better defined muscle contour and the appearance of a beach body. Additionally, it is excellent for minimizing stubborn adipose tissue which can resist other body contouring treatments, as well as patients’ efforts in the gym.

Precision is one of the key benefits of hi-def lipo. Most other minimally-invasive body sculpting procedures generally target fat near or around the uppermost layers of skin. While this may add some definition, it can take multiple sessions to achieve the distinctive six-pack or toned arms patients have dreamed of. In contrast, hi-def lipo is administered around muscle boundaries, creating the elusive grooves and definition a patient is looking for.

Another important advantage of liposculpture? Doctors can apply the treatment technique anywhere on the body. From adding definition to the abdomen and thighs to sculpting shoulders and arms, this treatment is adaptable and successful.

Hi-Def Liposculpture vs. Traditional Liposuction

While hi-def liposculpture leverages important liposuction concepts, this procedure is different enough that it provides very different results.

A key difference is the degree of fat removal each procedure can achieve. Liposuction removes adipose tissue below the skin; these common fatty bulges are the culprits behind love handles, saddlebags, and a bothersome stomach pooch. While standard liposuction is considered an effective body contouring procedure, hi-def liposculpture takes body sculpting to the next level by defining the surface anatomy of the patient.

While nearly all patients can see a noticeable difference with liposuction, hi-def liposculpture works best when patients are already at peak physical condition, exhibit low body fat, and are looking more to add definition rather than smooth a bulge. Given the targeted nature of liposculpture, this procedure is considered a more precise and targeted body shaping and toning procedure.

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Now that you’ve achieved peak physical health, its time to show off your hard work. Hi-def liposculpture can help add greater definition and enhance the way your muscles look year-round. To learn more about the benefits offered by this innovative body contouring treatment, we encourage you to contact our offices in La Jolla and Orange County to schedule a consultation. Our plastic surgeon will work with you to create the best treatment plan for your figure.