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Injectables are a great way for men and women to not only treat new found wrinkles but to get ahead of other signs of aging.

While treatment options can help address wrinkles and thinning lips, did you also know that some of the most popular anti-aging procedures double as proactive treatments.

Not All Aging is the Same

While each patient may experience aging differently, the culprits behind changing looks can usually be narrowed down to two suspects: depleted collagen production and unconscious but continuous muscle use.  

Shrinking Collagen Production

Collagen production changes over our lifetime and gradually slows the older we get. As one of the key proteins responsible for skin healing, this means that diminishing collagen levels directly impacts our appearance. Less collagen makes it more difficult for skin to recover from harmful environmental damage, ultimately causing skin cells to become damaged faster than they can be healed. Ultimately, this can lead to volume loss in across facial features and wrinkles to develop.

Muscle Movement

The adage, “Frowning gives you wrinkles,” isn’t entirely incorrect. It takes coordinated muscle movement to create unconscious facial expressions. Over the course of a lifetime, the muscle contractions used to smile, frown, laugh and cry can become permanently etched across your face as fine lines and wrinkles. Combined with shrinking facial volume, these unconscious movements can become more pronounced and lead to patients looking older than they really are.

What Exactly is an Injectable?

Given the many ways aging can affect our appearance, it’s no wonder why so many patients are searching for a way to treat these symptoms of growing older and stopping them from worsening. While plastic surgery may seem like the best long-term solution, this advanced treatment is often not necessary for patients with mild to moderate wrinkles. Instead, our Newport Beach surgeon recommends injectables as a non-surgical, non-invasive alternative.

“Injectables” is an umbrella term covering a wide array of non-surgical formulas that are delivered to treatment areas via needle. Within the category are two very popular anti-aging treatments: dermal fillers and Botox®. While both solutions offer patients a way to look younger, they each target different symptoms of aging.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are a type of injectable popularized by the way they help patients replenish shrinking collagen levels from within. The formula is injected into areas that have lost facial volume, such as the lips, cheeks, and around the eyes.

An advantage to dermal fillers is the wide variety available for patients to choose from. As the treatment has grown in popularity among patients young and old, many of the top brands have developed specific formulations designed to address different parts of the face as well as different conditions. Each variation comes with a unique longevity as well as different result. Talking with an experienced specialist will ensure that you receive the best formula for your cosmetic concerns.

Botox®-Based Injectables

Botox® is one of the best-known injectable options available. The formula is derived from a neurotoxin byproduct from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. While deadly in high-doses, the highly diluted doses used in cosmetic Botox® cases are highly effective in putting aging on pause. This is because the neurotoxin blocks neuron receptors within muscles cells, restricting muscle movement. When applied to the muscles that control facial movement, this can help keep fine lines from deepening and put the aging process on hold.

Similar to dermal fillers, treatment with neurotoxin injectables is not exclusive to aging patients. In fact, a growing number of under 30-year-olds are visiting plastic surgeons nationwide for preventive neurotoxin treatment as a way of postponing the onset of aging symptoms.

Neurotoxin Treatment Options

While most patients are familiar with Botox®, this popular brand is one of several neurotoxin treatments approved for use by the FDA. Available treatment options include:

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