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Refresh Your Skin for Spring with HA Fillers

Just because Southern California doesn’t have to deal with snow and ice doesn’t mean SoCal natives don’t have the same skin troubles caused by winter weather.

During the winter, humidity takes a plunge. The drier weather has an adverse effect on different skin types. For some, the decrease in moisture causes the skin to over-produce oils as a way of keeping it hydrated. This overproduction increases the number of acne breakouts. For others with already dry skin, the seasonally dry weather can exacerbate existing skin problems and stresses skin, causing damage faster than usual. For both types of patients, the consequences of winter weather can leave skin looking dull and damaged. Luckily, non-surgical solutions like hyaluronic acid fillers, or HA fillers, give patients plenty of options for refreshing their skin.

Why Hyaluronic Fillers?

The drying effects of winter weather can not only wreak havoc on your skin’s day-to-day appearance – it can also impact its long-term appearance. As the weather warms, patients often notice the addition of fine lines or hollows across their face. While not the culprit per se, winter weather can make the signs of aging more pronounced, causing patients a certain amount of distress. This is where HA fillers come in.

HA fillers get their name from the hyaluronic acid used to create the formula. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally-occurring substance that helps skin cells retain moisture, and therefore volume. Like collagen and other important proteins, hyaluronic acid production diminishes over time, causing the skin to lose it’s healthy-looking volume and glow. HA fillers are designed to help support your facial appearance by adding all-important hyaluronic acid back into depleted skin cells. When injected, most HA dermal fillers help the skin regain the ability to hold onto moisture, bringing back volume to hollowed or sagging areas. The result is a totally refreshed, rejuvenated face that looks completely natural.

While there are plenty of facial rejuvenation procedures that can help mitigate the symptoms of aging, dermal fillers are among a few treatment options that are non-surgical. Whereas rejuvenation options like chemical peels or laser treatment can penetrate deep below the surface, these cosmetic treatments require several days of recovery. HA fillers require no recovery time. Busy patients can get back to their routine following their treatment sessions without looking as if they’ve just had injectable treatment. The natural-looking results make the treatment a very popular option among men and women who want to enhance and rejuvenate their looks in just a few short appointments.

Choosing the Right Filler for Your Appearance

Hyaluronic acid fillers offer a wide range of formulas designed to address different parts of the face with the same successful results. With so many popular and proven options available, countless men and women have found HA fillers provides a uniquely personalized solution to refreshing their appearance. For example, at Dr. Tim Sayed’s Newport Beach and San Diego offices, our plastic surgeon offers many different filler options, including the full suite of Juvéderm® products and the full line of Restylane® products, as well as other dermal filler options. By working with patients during their consultation to identify their concerns, Dr. Sayed can identify the perfect HA filler solution for enhancing their features and refreshing their appearance.

Refresh Your Looks with Dr. Sayed

At Tim Sayed, MD, our goal is to help patients naturally enhance their looks with cosmetic treatments tailored to their goals. Whether you’re just looking to enjoy the springtime weather feeling refreshed or considering a more comprehensive treatment solution, our plastic surgeon is here to help. Call 858-247-2933 today and schedule your visit with our team today!