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How a Rhinoplasty Procedure Can Increase Your Breathing Ability

Rhinoplasty, or a “nose job,” is the third most popular cosmetic surgery performed in the U.S., with over 213,000 operations performed each year. 

Patients undergo rhinoplasty for several reasons: aesthetic, medical, or a combination of both. During a rhinoplasty, the nose’s internal structure and tissue are reshaped and reformed to improve appearance and/or function.

Difficulty breathing may result from congenital deviation of the septum, enlarged structures called “turbinates” (which may get larger in response to allergies, sinus issues, or other respiratory conditions), or traumatic injuries that affect the position of the bone and/or cartilage of the nose.

While there are essential differences between a medical and cosmetic rhinoplasty, both procedures modify the nose and nasal passage to improve the patients’ breathing ability.

Here, Dr. Tim Sayed explains how exactly this occurs.

What Causes Poor Nasal Breathing? 

Nasal breathing is an essential physiological function. Air inhaled through the nose is cleansed more than air inhaled through the mouth. Nitric oxide (NO) is produced in the nasal passageway, which improves oxygen uptake and circulation.

However, the nasal passage is also more susceptible to blockages and malformation than the oral breathing passage.

Nasal congestion, arising from over-active mucus glands, allergic reactions, or a nasal passage constricted by the bone and tissue structure, reduces the natural capacity for inhalation, thus restricting breathing ability.

A rhinoplasty can help fix this issue.

How Does a Rhinoplasty Fix Poor Nasal Breathing? 

In most rhinoplasties, patients wish to change the shape of their nose tip and nose bridge.

Having a crooked nose bridge leads to deviation in the passageway, which easily blocks breathing, while the tip of the nose is the entry point. Having a clear nose tip and straight bridge maximize ones’ ability to inhale correctly through the nose.

Human beings find balanced features highly attractive. Symmetry also facilitates comfortable airflow and is often the primary goal of an aesthetic rhinoplasty.

Dr. Sayed manually manipulates and changes the nasal passage and tissues’ physical structures during rhinoplasty to create a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. This leads to a better functioning breathing mechanism by facilitating uninhibited airflow.

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