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3 Skincare Trends That are Here to Stay

Our skin is our bodies’ first stage of defense against the outside world. As such, it is susceptible to irritation and ailment if we don’t properly care for it.

However, if we take proper care of our skin, we can be rewarded with glowing, vibrant, and tight skin that will protect us for decades and help us look our best at all times.

While many trends and fads come and go in the health and beauty industry, proper skincare is not one of them – it is constant, unwavering.

With this in mind, Dr. Tim Sayed examines three skincare trends that have been around for a long time and are here to stay.

1.    Moisturizing

Our skin is roughly 64% water, and if we don’t drink enough water or moisture regularly, this water content drops, leaving our skin dry, wrinkly, and flaky.

One skincare trend that has stood the test-of-time is moisturizing. From antiquity, with the goddess queen Cleopatra bathing in milk, even the ancients understood the importance of moisturizing the skin.

Nowadays, we have advanced serums and moisturizing lotions such as TNS essential serum— making it much easier to moisturize our skin than bathing in milk. Nonetheless, regular moisturizing is here to stay.

2.    Exfoliation

As far back as ancient Greece, people have understood the importance of exfoliating the dead skin cells from the top layer of our skin. The Greeks, and later, Roman soldiers were equipped with a sea sponge for this precise reason, to keep their personal hygiene up to scratch.

Sea sponges remain a viable exfoliating device, and when combined with exfoliating creams, can provide a smooth, delicate appearance to the skin.

There are also non-invasive in-clinic treatments available to remove the outer layer of skin to reveal the underlying healthy skin, such as laser skin resurfacing and Fraxel laser treatment.

3.    Cleansing

The skin can get oily, which is a good thing as this oil helps protect the skin and prevent foreign particles from entering our skin pores.

However, we must regularly clean the skin to wipe away this oily grit that accumulates during the day.

If we fail to remove this grime, we risk clogged pores. This is a leading cause of acne and other skin irritations. Cleaning our skin day and night is one essential skincare practice that has stood the test of time and will remain a crucial step in anybody’s skincare routine.

For those who suffer from severe acne and perhaps have scarring, expertly administered dermal fillers can fill in the acne scar and make it unnoticeable.

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The skin is not only our first line of defense, but it is also our first impression to the outside world. Taking proper care of your skin is essential to looking and feeling your best.

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