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3 Ways to Prepare for Your Breast Reduction

While 320,000 opt for breast augmentation via implants each year, around 45,000 women go the other way and choose to make their breasts smaller with Breast reduction, an increasingly popular aesthetic procedure in the U.S.

Overly large breasts can cause an array of health issues and severely impact one’s quality of life. Breast reduction surgery can be a life-changing procedure for anyone struggling with these issues. 

Adequately preparing for breast reduction surgery is the best way to ensure that you get the best results possible. If you are considering breast reduction surgery, or have already booked your appointment, do these three things to make sure your recovery and results are as good as you deserve. 

1. Find the Size You Want

Overly large breasts can cause back problems, postural issues, impact shoulder health, and can also affect lifestyle, as more rigorous activity can be hindered by large breasts. 

Once you decide to get breast reduction surgery, you must choose a size that is aesthetically pleasing to you and will enable you to lead the type of lifestyle you desire.

The best way to do this is to find women with a body shape and bone structure similar to your own, who lead the kind of lifestyle you wish to lead and have a breast size you would like to emulate. 

Doing this helps you visualize how you will look after breast reduction surgery in Newport Beach, CA, and massively contributes towards you being satisfied with the results of your breast reduction procedure. 

2. Clear Your Social and Professional Calendars

Completely recovering from breast reduction surgery requires between six to eight weeks. However, the first two weeks are the most critical time. 

Patients will need to wear a compression garment all the time for the first four days after surgery and will need to do as little physical activity as possible. 

This means staying at home in a comfortable, relaxing environment. As such, it is vital you schedule time off work and have no social engagements during the first week after your breast reduction. 

During the second week, patients can return to stationary jobs and start participating in non-stressful social meetings; however, physical activity must be kept to a minimum.  

3. Find Out if Insurance will Cover your Breast Reduction 

Insurance almost never covers breast augmentation because it is viewed as a “non-compulsory” procedure. 

On the other hand, overly large breasts can have considerable consequences on a patient’s quality of life. As such, with the correct medical evidence and recommendations, you may be able to find an insurer who will help cover the costs of your breast reduction surgery. While Dr. Sayed does not participate with insurance plans, many of our patients have been able to recoup some of their surgical fees from their insurance carrier by filing a claim. 

This will depend on the symptoms you experience due to your large breasts and is at the discretion of the insurers. The best you can do is seek medical advice and talk with an array of insurers. 

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