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What Works Well for Men? A Look at the Guy Side of Plastic Surgery

Men are no longer stigmatized for undergoing plastic surgery or other procedures. In fact, an increasing number of men are undergoing cosmetic surgery to avoid having their appearance deteriorate with age and stress. Numerous men choose plastic surgery and cosmetic operations to acquire a competitive edge by enhancing their vitality, enthusiasm, and charm, which are… Read More »

What Men Need to Know Before Having Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia is a common condition in which men develop enlarged breasts due to excess fat or glandular tissue. In essence, it’s the medical term for male breast enlargement. It can be disconcerting and lead to low self-esteem over time. Surgery to address gynecomastia is sometimes required. Gynecomastia surgery extricates unwanted breast tissue from men. Before… Read More »

En Bloc Breast Implant Removal Technique Compared to Others

With over 190,000 operations performed annually, breast augmentation with implants is one of the top cosmetic surgeries in the U.S. Nonetheless, approximately 35,000 patients a year opt for breast implant removal.  There are three primary techniques available to surgeons when removing breast implants: simple device removal (just taking out the implants), capsulectomy (removing the implants… Read More »

Can Exercising After Mommy Makeover Affect Your Results?

Pregnancy, giving birth, nursing, and then raising a child is one of, if not the most, significant events in anybody’s life. It’s an emotional, fascinating, scary, adventurous experience, and it takes its toll on the mind and body. Many new mothers are understandably concerned about childbearing’s effects on their bodies. Mothers experience weight gain, stretched… Read More »

After Breast Implant Removal: Here Are Your Options

Breast augmentation via implants remains one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures in the U.S., with over 190,000 operations performed annually. However, due to changes in lifestyle preferences, body image desires, or even health concerns, around 35,000 patients a year opt for breast implant removal. The FDA has recommended a checklist that patients should… Read More »

How the Icon Laser Works to Improve Skin and Fight Aging

People’s most common concerns about aging are the gradual appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, and acne scars.  While there are several treatments available to reduce these aging symptoms, such as dermal fillers, botox, hydrafacials, skinpen microneedling, and cryopen therapy, the ICON laser is a preferred method for many. In this article, expert plastic… Read More »

Potenza RF Microneedling vs. SkinPen Microneedling: Which Is Better for You?

Smooth, radiant skin is a goal we all strive for, but unfortunately, many common issues can cause blemished skin. Acne scars, sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, and redness are among some of the most common problems — and the most difficult to treat at home. Now, thanks to technology, science, and innovation, there is… Read More »

Learn the Advantages of a NeoGraft® Hair Transplant

For patients who have or are currently suffering from hair loss, NeoGraft® treatment offers the most natural-looking results with minimal chance of complications to both men and women who are experiencing hair loss. With the latest technology, the NeoGraft® system can help restore your hairline and your confidence. Newport Beach, CA based double board-certified plastic… Read More »