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How young is too young for a facelift?

Facelifts have long been the golden standard for advanced facial restoration. But determining when the right time to get the treatment can be a challenge. For many patients concerned about how quickly their skin is showing the wear of aging, getting a facelift as soon as possible becomes the priority. 

In addition to outlining who is a candidate for this procedure, one of the most common questions our La Jolla surgeon gets about facelifts is about how young is too young for a facelift.

When Do I Need a Facelift?

Every patient will experience the process of aging differently. For some, wrinkles around the eyes and mouth are the first be noticeable. For others, its volume loss across the face and sagging skin.  In either scenario, a facelift can be an excellent option that allows patients to improve the texture of their skin, overall appearance, and self-confidence. 

While technologies and techniques have advanced over the years, the procedure is still fairly a form of plastic surgery and is often considered as one of the most invasive rejuvenation procedures available. As such, not all patients may need or want to go through with the treatment as their first facial restoration procedure. Instead, the value of undergoing treatment is determined by several factors:


The condition of your skin is one of the main factors that determine whether a patient is a candidate for a facelift. While it can go hand-in-hand with how old a patient is, the life experiences a person goes through can also impact how their skin ages. A lifetime out in the sun or behaviors that damage skin can accelerate how your skin ages, meaning that a facelift or other treatment may be valuable sooner rather than later. 


When it comes to establishing candidacy for a facelift, one of the top questions we get is “How young is too young for a facelift.” While it would be great to provide a specific age, there are multiple other factors that go into determining whether a person is a candidate for a facelift. Skin condition, genetic predisposition and a myriad of other factors come into play when determining the right time to invest in surgical facial rejuvenation. 

With that being said, our team has seen excellent treatment longevity from patients who receive facelifts in their early-to-mid forties then use secondary facelifts in their 50s and 60s to touch-up the initial treatment results. Given the extensive nature of facelifts, it is rare that patients under the age of 35 undergo treatment – most opt for non-surgical alternatives like injectables or liquid facelift before taking the plunge and committing to surgery. 

Find the perfect time for your facelift

Making the decision to undergo facelift treatment is a very personal choice that requires evaluating a number of different factors. For Dr. Sayed, the initial and pre-surgery consultation provide valuable time for our La Jolla plastic surgeon to get to know patients and goals. Our one-on-one approach to treatment allows Dr. Sayed to provide each individual with the personalized high-quality care we’re known for. Start your treatment journey by calling 858-247-2933 today and scheduling your consultation with our specialist today!