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5 Benefits of Breast Implant Removal

Breast augmentation is a popular cosmetic procedure that can help enhance the appearance of the breasts and boost self-confidence. However, over time, many women may choose to have their breast implants removed for various reasons. Whether it’s due to changes in personal preferences, health concerns, or complications related to the implants, breast implant removal can be a valuable option for many women.

In this article, we will explore the numerous benefits of breast implant removal and why it’s a valuable option for many women. 5 common benefits of breast implant removal are improved breast health, reduced risk of BIA-ALCL, natural-looking results, increased self-confidence, and alleviation of breast implant illness symptoms. We will also introduce you to one of the leading breast explant surgeons in Southern California, Dr. Tim Sayed, and the specialized “en bloc” breast implant removal technique he performs. This advanced surgical method is performed by plastic surgeons for a number of potential reasons.

Why Should I Have my Breast Implants Removed?

Some reasons why a woman may choose to have her breast implants removed include:

  • No longer wanting the implants
  • Experience of complications from the implants, such as infection, rupture, or capsular contracture
  • A desire for a more natural and symmetrical appearance of the breasts
  • Address stretched or distorted breast tissue caused by the implants
  • Relief from pain or discomfort caused by the implant
  • Enhanced self-esteem and body image
  • Improved ability to monitor breast health
  • To avoid future complications that may arise with the implant
  • Change in personal preference or lifestyle that can affect the desirability of the implants
  • Hormonal imbalances or changes in the body

What are 5 Top Benefits of Breast Implant Removal?

1. Improved Breast Health:

Breast implant removal can improve overall breast health. Over time, implants can lead to complications such as breast pain, infection, and hardening of the breast tissue (capsular contracture). Capsular contracture is a condition in which the tissue around the implant tightens and hardens, leading to discomfort, changes in the shape and feel of the breast, and in severe cases, even deformation. Breast pain can also be a symptom of capsular contracture or other implant-related complications.

Removing the implants can potentially alleviate these symptoms and improve the overall health of the breast. Additionally, by removing the implants, you may be able to monitor and detect any potential changes in your breast tissue, which can be early indicators of other breast health issues, more easily. As explained in the following points, breast implant removal can also help reduce the risk of BIA-ALCL and breast implant illness (BII).

2. Reduced Risk of Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL):

BIA-ALCL is a rare type of lymphoma that is associated with certain breast implants, specifically with textured Biocell (Allergan brand) breast implants. It is a malignancy that develops in the fluid and tissue surrounding the implant. While it is important to note that the risk of developing BIA-ALCL is very low, removal of implants can essentially eliminate the risk. Many women with Allergan textured implants seek prophylactic removal of the implants and capsules, since ALCL may not present with symptoms until full-blown malignancy is present.

It is also recommended that in case of any breast implant-related symptoms such as lumps, swelling, pain or redness, it is essential to seek medical attention and your surgeon for evaluation. In such cases, if it is determined that the implant has to be removed, your explant surgeon can help you with the en bloc breast implant removal technique, which completely removes the capsular tissue around the implant along with the device, or may recommend a different approach depending on your presentation.

3. Natural Looking Results:

Breast implant removal can restore the breasts to their natural shape and size. This can be especially beneficial for patients who are no longer happy with the look of their implants, whether it be the size, shape, or feel, or who have experienced complications such as rippling, asymmetry, or capsular contracture. For some patients, the natural volume may be enough to make for a pleasing breast mound. Other patients may have very limited natural breast tissue volume, which means expectations for cosmetic outcome must be set properly.

Additionally, with the en bloc technique, a leading explant surgeon like Dr. Sayed can ensure that the integrity of the normal breast tissue is preserved, minimizing the chances of complications. In some cases, if desired, and based on the patient’s anatomy, the patient may opt for a breast lift or other breast reshaping procedure in order to achieve a more perky, rounder and more youthful look.

4. Increased Self-Confidence:

Breast implant removal can have emotional and psychological benefits. Some patients may experience depression or anxiety related to their breast implants, and the removal of the implants can help alleviate those feelings. Removing breast implants can also lead to increased self-confidence. This can be especially true for patients who are no longer happy with the look of their implants or who have experienced complications with them.

Many women who have had breast implant surgery may have had them for various reasons, whether it be for cosmetic or reconstructive reasons, and over time, their preferences or circumstances may change. A more natural look and feel can help patients feel more comfortable and confident in their own skin. There is empowerment in not defining one’s beauty or femininity by the size of one’s breasts.

5. Alleviation of Breast Implant Illness Symptoms

Some patients report experiencing symptoms of “Breast Implant Illness,” a condition that can include a wide range of symptoms such as joint pain, fatigue, vision changes, anxiety, and gastrointestinal issues. While there is currently limited scientific evidence linking these symptoms to breast implants, a small percentage of patients report experiencing debilitating symptoms, and many experience improvement when their implants are removed. The reasons for this are being actively studied but there is some controversy about this subject in the plastic surgery industry.

In March 2019, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) met to discuss concerns regarding breast implant illness, textured implants, and other considerations. The FDA advised the continued monitoring of approved implant devices. However, it is understood that breast implants are foreign bodies, and it is possible that a small percentage of patients do not react well to them. En bloc capsulectomy with explantation of the implants is an option to help patients with these concerns move forward in their lives.

What Happens After Breast Implant Removal?

After breast implant removal, it’s common for the breasts to undergo changes in shape and volume. Without the implants, the breast tissue may shrink, and the breast may appear smaller. It’s also possible that changes in the breasts due to aging and stretch marks caused by the previous implants may cause the breasts to sag more. Recovery after breast implant removal typically takes longer than recovery after a regular breast augmentation.

How Long Does It Take to Recover after Removing Breast Implants?

You can expect to take an additional week of rest before returning to light fitness activities, and it is recommended that you avoid social activities and refrain from driving for at least 10 days or until you no longer need to take prescription medication. You will also be asked to wear a surgical bra for several weeks to help support and protect the breasts during the healing process. This all will help to improve the healing process and reduce the risk of complications.

Choosing Dr. Tim Sayed for En Bloc Breast Implant Removal

When considering breast implant removal, it’s crucial to find a plastic surgeon who specializes in the safest techniques available. The en bloc breast implant removal method is one such technique that’s known for its high margin of safety and effectiveness. This method not only removes the implant but also the surrounding capsule of scar tissue, creating a new, healthier pocket for a future implant.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sayed is a specialist in breast surgery and has extensive experience in performing en bloc breast implant removal. If you’re considering breast implant removal and want the safest technique possible, consider scheduling a consultation at Tim Sayed MD Plastic Surgery. Dr. Sayed can help you determine whether the en bloc breast implant removal method is the right choice for you and explain the risks and benefits of the procedure.

En Bloc Breast Implant Removal Technique Compared to Others

With over 190,000 operations performed annually, breast augmentation with implants is one of the top cosmetic surgeries in the U.S. Nonetheless, approximately 35,000 patients a year opt for breast implant removal. 

There are three primary techniques available to surgeons when removing breast implants: simple device removal (just taking out the implants), capsulectomy (removing the implants and either part or all of the capsule of tissue formed around them), and en bloc capsulectomy (removing the implant and capsule together as a unit).

Here, Dr. Sayed discusses the En Bloc technique compared to other breast implant removal procedures. 

What happens during breast implant removal?

Breast implant removal is the process of removing the implants from the breast. However, there are several vital considerations surgeons and patients must take into account in order for this procedure to be successful.

First, depending on the length of time the implants have been in the patient, scar tissue, which forms naturally, will now be surrounding the implants. Second, different insertion procedures , implant sizes, and incision types mean that implant removal surgeons must consider the best way to remove the implants, which will depend on whether the surgeon is trying to remove the capsule tissue at all, and whether the surgeon is aiming to remove all the capsule tissue in one piece on each breast. The incision(s), length of surgery, and other factors that may influence recovery will depend on the operative approach and patient goals.

En Bloc Implant Removal

The term En Bloc essentially means “as a whole.” En Bloc removal means removing the implant and capsule (scar tissue) as a single unit. In doing so, the surgeon must separate the capsule from the surrounding tissue and try to leave the capsule intact. It is common for small tears or perforations to occur in the capsule through the process of separating it from the surrounding tissues (like the muscles of the chest, or the rib cage), but in the en bloc method, the surgeon is making a concerted, deliberate effort to try to keep the capsule as intact as possible. This allows the surgeon to try to ensure no capsule tissue is left behind and to photograph the removed specimen for patient reassurance. It is also important to try to avoid directly opening the capsule in cases where there may be a known or suspected leaking silicone implant, in order to reduce the likelihood of spillage of silicone gel into the patient’s tissues.

In simple breast implant removal procedures, without a capsulectomy, the surgeon opens the capsule, removes the implant, and then leaves the capsule behind. The surgeon may “rough up” the inside surface of the capsule to get the tissue to stick to itself and obliterate the space where the implant sat. While some patients coming in for implant removal want this simpler procedure (which can be done through smaller incisions than a capsulectomy), most of Dr. Sayed’s patients specifically are seeking a complete capsule removal, preferably with the en bloc technique, due to concerns that capsules may harbor microbes or other biochemical factors that may contribute to what is called “Breast Implant Illness.” It is not clear from current studies that we need to be so thorough in removal of capsule tissue, but Dr. Sayed feels it is better not to leave capsule behind so that patients know they have a “clean slate.” It is also known that capsules can be contaminated with microbes in what is called “biofilm,” which is the current leading explanation for the phenomenon known as capsular contracture. Additionally, certain recalled implants (Textured Biocell implants, previously made by Allergan) have in some cases led to cancer development from the inside capsule surface, so Dr. Sayed feels the capsule is not necessary an “innocent bystander.” 

Removal of the capsule, especially with the en bloc method, is more complex and requires larger incisions than simple implant removal. However, since many patients undergoing removal will also need breast lifts or other forms of skin removal at the same time, the incision to access the capsule for removal will be designed based on the pattern of skin removal expected, so the net resulting scar is what would have been dictated by the loss of implant volume anyway. Simply removing the implants but not removing skin is more likely to result in strange folds, double and triple creases, indentations, nipple inversion, and other unaesthetic changes because the breast is a 3-dimensional structure and the skin draped over the breast should be downsized if the breast volume is being reduced.

Breast Implant Removal in Newport Beach, CA

Which type of implant removal technique is best for you depends on several unique factors. Because of this, it’s essential to consult with industry-leading breast implant removal (explant)  surgeons like  Dr. Tim Sayed.

Reach out to Tim Sayed MD Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach or La Jolla, CA on (858) 247-2933 or via this online form to arrange a virtual consultation to discover how we can help you look and feel your best.

After Breast Implant Removal: Here Are Your Options

Breast augmentation via implants remains one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures in the U.S., with over 190,000 operations performed annually. However, due to changes in lifestyle preferences, body image desires, or even health concerns, around 35,000 patients a year opt for breast implant removal. The FDA has recommended a checklist that patients should review before considering breast augmentation that speaks to current understanding of breast implant illness symptoms and other concerns.

Many patients are understandably concerned about their options after breast implant removal and what their breasts will look like. Here, Dr. Sayed discusses post-breast implant removal options and what patients can expect from the procedure.

What Happens to the Breasts After Implant Removal?

The concept behind breast implants is to add volume and shape to the breasts. As such, when a surgeon removes the implants, that volume and shape are lost. This then leaves the breasts looking deflated and unshapely, something patients are understandably concerned about.

Fortunately, there are several options available to restore an appealing look to the breasts after breast implant removal.

Breast Lift

Probably the best option available to people after a breast implant removal is a breast lift.

Breast lift surgery removes excess skin and positions the breast in a higher, more youthful, and appealing position on the chest wall. When done by a highly experienced plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Sayed, a breast lift should also reposition the areolas and nipples in a more forward-facing, youthful setting.

In many cases, a breast lift is all that is required to restore desirable aesthetics to post-implant removal breasts.

Breast Implant Removal in Newport Beach, CA

Just as opting for breast implants is a significant life decision, so too is getting them removed. We strongly recommend discussing your breast implant removal procedure with several qualified and recognized surgeons before committing to the procedure. This way, you can find the perfect surgeon to help with the procedure and follow-up treatments so that you get the results you desire.

Fat Grafting to the Breast

Fat transfer breast augmentation essentially uses liposuction to take fat from other parts of your body and inject it into your breasts. While it can provide some volume improvement to the breast after the deflation associated with implant removal, it is not a perfect substitute for the shape of an implant and there are some trade-offs. However, most patients who elect fat grafting to the breasts are glad they did, as it provides additional shaping and volume that they would otherwise not have with implant removal, especially those patients who had larger implants and smaller natural breasts.

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Will I Need a Lift After Breast Implant Removal?

Breast implant removal is the process of getting breast implants taken out from the breasts.

While there are several reasons compelling patients to undergo the procedure, some of the most common causes include:

  • Breast implant illness
  • Change in lifestyle
  • Fluctuations in body weight

Regardless of the motivation driving you to consider removing your breast implants, it is essential to know how the procedure will affect the appearance of your breasts once the implants have been removed.

Here, Dr. Tim Sayed discusses what happens to the breasts after implants are removed and whether or not patients will require a breast lift to optimize the aesthetic results of the procedure.

What Happens During Breast Implant Removal?

Breast implants provide volume and shape to the breasts with artificial structures placed in between the soft tissues of the breast, skin, and musculature.

As such, when these implants are inserted, the skin and surrounding musculature of the breasts and chest wall must adapt to the implants, which often means they will stretch to compensate for the added volume.

Furthermore, the weight of the implants will cause the breasts to sag more than usual.

When these implants are removed, the surrounding soft tissue will lose volume and likely appear deflated.

The extent of this depends entirely on the size of the implants themselves – the bigger the implants, the more the skin is stretched, and the more significant the difference will be when the implants are removed.

Will I Need a Breast Lift?

In his extensive experience, Dr. Sayed notices that patients from breast explant removal get the most satisfying results from the procedure when it is combined with a breast lift.

A breast lift is a surgical operation that removes excess soft tissue from the breast area and upper chest, which positions the breasts higher on the chest, makes them firmer, and positions the nipples and areolas in a forward-facing setting.

Essentially, a breast lift reverses the aesthetic and physical effects removing the implants has on the breasts.

However, it’s important to note that a breast lift isn’t necessarily required – there is no added health benefit to getting a breast lift after breast implant removal. However, the appearance of the breasts can be significantly improved with a post-implant removal lift.

Breast Lift and Breast Implant Removal in Newport Beach, CA

If your breast implants are causing discomfort or getting in the way, don’t hesitate to consider breast implant removal. It is a highly satisfying and effective procedure, that when combined with a breast lift, will leave you looking and feeling younger, lighter, more confident and more athletic.

Reach out to Dr. Tim Sayed in Newport Beach or La Jolla, CA, by calling (858) 247-2933 or via this online form to arrange a quick virtual consultation to discover how we can help you look and feel your best.

What Breast Surgery is Right for You?

Breast surgery is by far the most commonly performed category of plastic surgery. Breast surgeries generally include breast implant removal, breast augmentation, revision breast surgery after prior augmentation, breast reduction, and breast lifts. The most popular of these is breast augmentation with implants, with over 320,000 procedures performed each year in the U.S.

Increasingly, there are more women seeking nipple surgery as well. But with so many breast surgery options to choose from, which one is right for you?

Here, Dr. Tim Sayed of Tim Sayed Plastic Surgery in La Jolla and Newport Beach, CA, looks at the differences between each breast surgery and how you can choose the appropriate procedure for your goals and desires.

Breast Implant Removal and Revision

First time breast augmentation (see below) remains incredibly popular, but a new trend has been growing in the last few years, with more and more patients looking to revise their prior breast augmentation. Sometimes this means the patient will consider new implants, but in others, patients have decided that breast implants are no longer for them. This may occur if the patient develops a capsular contracture (a phenomenon where scar tissue encasing the implant begins to distort the shape or feel of the device), or if an implant has leaked, or if the patient has a recalled device (Allergan textured implants, which are no longer on the market), or increasingly, if the patient is concerned about health issues and wishes to explore if her body will feel better without implants. There are various tradeoffs when exploring whether implants are for you, or whether you would prefer to go “implant free.” These tradeoffs include concerns about health, cosmetic appearance of the breasts, and recovery processes. Dr. Sayed is known for providing very detailed and informative consultations to help you navigate some of these challenging decisions.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation was the poster procedure of plastic surgery during the ‘80s and ‘90s. With celebrities and pop icons going for the procedure, the public quickly followed.

Breast augmentation increases the size of the breast by introducing implants, or in some cases, the patient’s own fat, obtained through liposuction. There is a broad spectrum for how large or small implants can be, whereas fat grafting may have more limited availability in thinner patients.

If your goal is simply larger breasts, then breast augmentation is likely the procedure for you.

Breast Reduction 

For some women, overly large breasts cause health problems and aesthetic concerns. Breasts that are too large can cause severe back pain, shoulder and neck problems, issues with posture, and discomfort during exercise and daily life.

If naturally large breasts are a concern for you, then breast reduction surgery is the procedure. Expert plastic surgeons such as Dr Sayed can remove tissue from the breasts that make the breasts smaller but enhance the shape and position of the breast to be very aesthetically pleasing and comfortable.

Of note is if your breasts feel too large due to breast augmentation in the past, plastic surgeons can successfully remove implants with implant removal surgery. In most cases following implant removal, however, women require a breast lift.

Breast lift

Breast lift surgery is rapidly growing in popularity. Over 110,000 breast lifts are performed yearly and for a good reason.

Often, mothers of women experiencing aging desire a more youthful appearance to their breasts but don’t necessarily want larger breasts. A breast lift is perfect in this instance. A staple procedure in a mommy makeover, a breast lift removes excess skin above and around the breasts, which pulls the breasts higher on the chest, creating a younger, firmer, more pleasing appearance.

If you want to enhance how your breasts look and feel, but don’t want to make them any bigger or have implants used, then a breast lift is the way to go.

Breast Surgery in Newport Beach, CA

No matter what your concern is with your breasts, there is a procedure that can solve your problems.  All you need to do is consult with an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Tim Sayed. Reach out to Dr. Tim Sayed in Newport Beach or La Jolla, CA by calling 858 247 2933 or via this online form to arrange a consultation to discover how we can help you look and feel your best.


3 Ways to Choose the Best Breast Implant Size for You

Breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic procedure in the U.S., with over 300,000 women opting for breast implants every year.

Surprisingly, a trend that is also on the rise is breast implant removal surgery. In most cases, women opt for this procedure because they were not happy with the size of the original implants.

By getting the size right the first time, those looking to enhance their breasts can avoid subsequent surgeries in the future. But it is imperative to choose the correct implant size initially.

Follow these three tips from double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sayed to ensure you choose the right breast implant size for you and move confidently into your new stage of life.

1)   Find Someone you Want to Emulate

One of the best ways to judge the correct breast implant size for yourself is to look for other women with a similar frame and body type as your own. If they are similar to you and have the type of breasts you are looking for, this can be a great visual starting point for both you and your plastic surgeon.

It is essential to consider both your desired aesthetic and your lifestyle when deciding on breast implant size.

Overly large breast implants often hinder athletically active women. Many women with active lifestyles opt for a breast lift rather than breast augmentation, as this surgery provides perkier breasts without requiring implants.

2)   Do the At-Home Rice Test

The rice test is a fantastic way to help you visualize and feel the size of the implant that you’re aiming for.

Follow these steps to complete the rice test:

  • Cut the foot and ankle segment off an old pair of pantyhose.
  • Fill the pantyhose with rice until you find a suitable volume. Tie the rice ball closed.
  • Place the rice ball inside your bra, put your clothes on, and observe yourself in the mirror. Feel the sensation of the added volume in your chest.
  • Repeat the process and change the amount of rice in the pantyhose until you find a size you like.
  • Take this with you to your consultation with Dr. Sayed as an excellent guide of the size you’re looking for.

3)   Do a 3D Crisalix Consultation

Dr. Sayed offers his patients a unique service in providing virtual Crisalix imaging consultations.

During these consultations, Dr. Sayed uses the 3D Crisalix imaging software to predict how you will look after your breast augmentation based on photos you provide.

While 100% accuracy is not guaranteed, this software is very effective at giving you a good idea of how you will look after your breast augmentation.

Learn More from Dr. Sayed

Breast augmentation is a life-changing milestone that should be approached with the gravitas it deserves. Follow this advice from Dr. Sayed and strongly consider the size of the implant you desire before committing to your implants.

To book your consultation or ask any questions, please contact Dr. Sayed at 1 858 247 2933 or fill out his online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Selecting the Right Implant Profile

Breast augmentation is an art. The breasts are one of the most complex and unique anatomical forms on the human body, and Dr. Sayed firmly believes every patient deserves a treatment plan that is as unique and special as they are. One of the most significant decisions you’ll make alongside Dr. Sayed’s expert guidance is what implant profile best suits your goals and anatomy.

There are various sizes, materials, incision locations, and implant placement options that all have their own benefits, depending on your desired results. Implant profile is another one of the major players in how your breast augmentation will look. Implant “profiles” mean how far your implants will project off of the chest wall when you’re standing.

Depending on the width of your implants, Dr. Sayed can customize your level of projection. The smaller the implant base width, the greater projection you’ll achieve.

Implant Profile Options

There are several options to choose from when it comes to picking implant profiles. Patients can choose between either low, moderate, or high profile implants. Low profile implants are relatively flat in appearance and provide minimal projection off the chest. These are often best suited to women with wider chests. Low profile implants are also ideal for women hoping to achieve very subtle and natural-looking enhancement of the breast’s size and shape.

Moderate profile implants are an excellent option for women looking to substantially improve the size and shape of their breasts but may not be ready to commit to the dramatic enhancement high profile implants provide. These implants also provide very natural-looking results. If you have a narrow or smaller chest, moderate profile implants may be your best option.

High profile implants provide the most significant projection and a prominent, full, and rounded breast appearance. Patients should expect a significant increase in bra size as well. In some cases, high profile implants may look less natural compared to other options. Dr. Sayed usually recommends these implants for petite women with narrow chest walls.

Which Implant Profile is Right for Me?

Determining which implant profile is right for you is deeply personal. We recommend patients consider two major factors when deciding: body type and desired outcome.

The exact same implant type, size, and shape can look incredibly different on women of varying body types. As such, it’s essential to come into your consultation with an open mind. Dr. Sayed will work with you to ensure you understand what implant profile will best provide a balanced appearance suited to your figure.

Your aesthetic goals are also a critical factor to keep in mind as you decide on what implant’s right for you. Ask yourself whether you want a more natural look or a fuller, round breast appearance. Dr. Sayed has extensive experience providing a wide range of results and can point you towards the best solution based on what you want.

While these decisions can take time and seem complicated, you are not alone. Dr. Sayed and our expert team are here to support you and answer any questions you have throughout the decision-making process and beyond. We’ll listen carefully to your goals and make individualized recommendations. By working as a team, we’ll design a plan for the best possible outcomes.

Schedule Your Consultation

If you’re interested in learning more about breast augmentation, a breast lift, or any of our other offerings, your next step is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sayed. Our patients’ safety is our number one concern. As such, we are currently offering virtual consultations, which allow Dr. Sayed to hear all of your concerns and answer any questions you may have from the comfort and safety of your home.

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Breast Implant Removal: Why Thousands of Women are Doing It

Since it was first introduced, breast augmentation has become one of the most popular and best-known plastic surgeries available. For countless patients, the procedure has provided the opportunity to enjoy renewed self-confidence and comfort in their appearance. In recent years, however, the number of women seeking implant removal has increased dramatically.  While the reasons may be personal, they can often be sorted into three distinct categories:

Changing Ideals

As with every generation, the features that are considered beautiful change over time. Today’s trends of creating more natural enhancements to a woman’s body is a complete 180 from the old mantra “bigger is better”. As a result, some women are seeking breast implant removal as a means of updating their appearance to match this newer emphasis on natural curves. Unnaturally large breasts can also impede a woman’s ability to participate in certain physical activities like jogging and weight training. For women committed to getting fit and staying that way, breast implant removal can eliminate discomfort when running and alleviate undue pressure on the spine and back caused by disproportionately large breasts. 

Ongoing Maintenance

Like any other medical device, breast implants are not meant to last forever. Rupture is a constant risk with implants and deflation usually occur about 10 years following placement, requiring that patients either replace surviving implants in order to retain their shape. In order to replace worn implants, patients must undergo surgery – meaning time off from work and several weeks of recovery. While some patients may not mind undergoing routine replacement, others may find the upkeep to become physically taxing and choose to have their implants removed instead of replaced. 

Secondary Illness

While neither implant types have been directly correlated to increased risk of cancer, recent years have also seen the rise of secondary health issues related to breast implants. For patients experiencing breast implant illness, symptoms like headaches, chronic fatigue, fever, and joint pain can be especially debilitating and provide enough reason for women to seek explant. Furthermore, the FDA has identified over 450 cases of Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma – a rare form of cancer that can develop in the scar tissue around the implant. In the face of these very real medical concerns, many patients have chosen to implant removal as a means of protecting their overall health.

Get the Scoop from Dr. Sayed

When it comes to the impacts of surgery, having a thorough understanding of all available options and risks can make a tremendous difference in the long-term results. At Dr. Sayed’s offices in Newport Beach and La Jolla San Diego, our experienced plastic surgeon is committed to patient education. Starting with your first consultation, Dr. Sayed focuses on the facts of each procedure, ensuring you know both the pros and cons and can make an informed decision about your treatments. To learn more about breast implant placement, risk, and removal, we encourage you to schedule your consultation today.

Breast Implant Settling: What to Expect and When?

When thinking about the steps involved in breast augmentation, most patients are familiar with consultation, the pre-op appointments, and recovery. Often, the settling step goes overlooked, leaving patients confused as to when they can expect to enjoy their final results.

Breast Implant Settling: The Next Step in Recovery

Settling, sometimes known as “drop and fluff”, is the process that follows recovery post-implant surgery. During your operation, the implant is placed into position. In the first few weeks following treatment, patients may notice or feel that their breasts look much higher than they had initially intended. This is because while the implant has been placed, the muscle and tissue around the breast react slightly to having a new implant placed. This creates additional pressure behind the muscle, creating extra volume at the top part of the breast. Over time, swelling decreases and the muscle and tissue gradually accommodate the new implant by creating a small “pocket” around it.

Once it has expanded enough, your silicone or saline implant gently drops or settles into its final position in the breast. At this point, patients achieve the gentle teardrop shape that is so characteristic to the look of natural breasts.

What Factors Impact Drop and Fluff?

While nearly every patient will experience some form of drop and fluff, certain factors can influence how and when you can expect your implants to finally settle. These include:

Implant placement

Most patients today have their implants placed in a submuscular manner, or beneath the muscle rather than over the muscle. In the long-run, this creates a more natural appearance and helps ensure that over time the augmentation remains as realistic looking as possible. However, augmentations conducted below the muscle tissue can also require a longer settling period, this can be up to three months post recovery.

Implant Type

When it comes to implants, size and shape matter. Smooth, rounded implants generally settle about the same way and can be inverted without compromising the overall appearance of the breast. However, textured teardrop shaped implants must be placed in a specific manner to attain their ideal shape. As a result, it is precisely placed during surgery and monitored post-operation to ensure it settles correctly.

What to Expect When Your Breasts are Settling

One of the biggest concerns patients have in the first few days following surgery is that their breasts are not positioned where they wanted them. Trust us – we understand how frustrating and underwhelming that can seem. However, it’s important to keep in mind that breast augmentation surgery is not a simple, one size fits all procedure. Not only is every patient going to have a uniquely planned treatment strategy, they’re also going to experience a very personalized recovery. For some, full recovery including settling can take under four weeks while others may not finish the drop and fluff process until they’re three months post-surgery. Give your body the patience and time it deserves to heal properly.

Ready to Begin? Call Dr. Sayed to Schedule Your Consultation!

As with any other plastic surgery, your procedure is a unique treatment strategy planned around you, your unique anatomy and long-term goals. When it comes to choosing the right breast augmentation solution for you, we take the time to ensure you know exactly how each procedure can improve your overall appearance and help you reach your goals as well as what each treatment looks like from start to finish.

To learn more about settling following breast augmentation and what other side effects you can expect from this treatment, call our offices in Orange County and San Diego to schedule your consultation.