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Can Breast Reduction Really Be Scarless?


Breast reductions can provide a safe and highly effective means of reducing neck, back, and shoulder pain for women with larger breasts. If you’re someone who faces discomfort when exercising due to your breasts, bra straps leaving painful indentations, or just want to reduce size for aesthetic reasons, breast reduction is an ideal solution.

As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Sayed has extensive experience successfully reducing cup size and creating proportional areolas alongside ideal nipple placement. However, his patients often ask him if he can perform a “scarless” breast reduction.

The Truth Behind “Scarless” Surgery

To be clear, there is no such thing as a “scarless” surgery, and any surgeon who tells you otherwise is spreading misinformation. No matter the technique used, if you’re undergoing a procedure to modify your breasts (whether that’s a reduction, augmentation, a breast liftimplant removal, or anything else), an incision is necessary.

If there’s an incision, some scarring is inevitable. That’s why working with a board-certified surgeon is so critical. A skilled and expert surgeon like Dr. Sayed can both minimize incision size and provide you with all the necessary tools to help reduce scarring over time.

Thanks to advanced suturing techniques and with his masterful craftsmanship and artistry, Dr. Sayed can achieve incredibly fine-lined scar patterns. With each surgery, Dr. Sayed also does his best to use your natural anatomy to conceal visible scarring. If possible, he will place your incision under the fold of the breast, where it’s far more likely to heal discreetly and virtually unnoticeably.

Our responsibility as doctors is to help patients make fully informed decisions about their bodies and health. Alongside maintaining the highest possible levels of safety and care, our chief priority is to ensure you have a clear understanding and realistic expectations about what your results will look like.

Reducing Visible Scarring

While we can’t yet perform scarless procedures, there are many clinically proven means of reducing the appearance of surgical scars.

During your consultation, we’ll discuss all the factors that go into how the body scars and heals. One of the most significant indicators of how your scar will look is how you’ve scarred in the past. Some people are more prone to thicker scars. Your age and environment also play a significant role.

However, by carefully following all aftercare instructions and with a bit of luck, there’s a good chance you can achieve nearly invisible scarring.

The first line of defense begins at home. It’s critical to avoid direct sun exposure to the incision site. Starting a daily routine of applying a high-SPF sunscreen, along with vitamin E creams or other skin oils, can help maintain proper moisturization and aid healing as well.

For patients looking to take more proactive steps, we can discuss medical means of reducing scarring. A variety of prescription topicals, such as Retin-A, are available and encourage the growth of new skin cells. In the office, we can also provide patients with highly successful Fraxel laser treatments.

These treatments are particularly helpful for patients prone to thicker scarring, though anyone can benefit from this powerful technology. The patented Fraxel laser beam allows Dr. Sayed to use a fractionated beam to deliver bursts of energy onto the surface of the skin.

These small “wells” in the skin encourage the body’s natural healing process and increase the production of elastin and collagen. Dr. Sayed has helped many of his surgical patients reduce scarring by combining laser treatments with beneficial medical substances that provide deep nutrition and hydration to the skin. These include:

  • Hyaluronic acid filler materials
  • Botox®
  • Steroid medications for some inflammatory skin conditions
  • Topical medications for rosacea
  • Hydroquinone-containing skincare products that can target pigmentation
  • Other medications​

Following just one session, you’ll see a substantial, but gradual, reduction in the appearance of your scar, along with improved overall quality and texture of the surrounding skin. For optimal results, Dr. Sayed may recommend follow-up treatments, depending on the scarring’s severity and your medical history.

If you’d like to learn more about breast reduction, scar management, or any of our other procedures, the next step is to get in touch with either our Newport Beach or La Jolla, CA, offices to schedule a virtual consultation.

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How a Breast Reduction Can Improve Your Health and Comfort

In recent years, breast reduction surgery has become a popular option for women frustrated with heavy breasts. In addition to helping improve the self-confidence of these patients, new studies also suggest that the procedure offers health benefits.

Breast Reduction and Your Health

Simply put, larger breasts weigh a lot. Every increase in cup size adds about a pound to a woman’s weight. Additionally, larger breasts are denser, heavier, and ultimately add to the upper half of the body. This, in turn, puts immense pressure on the back and spine, affecting nerve endings in this area; it is not uncommon for a woman with extremely large breasts to also experience pain in her fingers and arms.

The increased strain on the shoulders and neck caused by large breasts also puts a good amount of stress on the neck, leading to severe headaches and neck aches. As a result, these women are more likely to suffer from poor posture, in which the shoulders start to roll forward to alleviate the additional weight. Poor posture on its own is the source of many health complications, including impacting rib cage size and lung position as well as compromising the spine’s position and increasing the risk of scoliosis later in life. Extreme breast size can even compromise sleep, making it difficult for women to enjoy a full night’s rest without the stress of additional weight pulling chest muscles out of position.

With breast reduction, the patient will find that a heavy weight has been lifted off her shoulders – quite literally. The ability to sit up or stand straight for long periods of time and sleep comfortably does wonders for an individual’s mental and physical wellbeing.

Restoring Comfort

Larger breasts don’t just affect posture and back pain. Chafing is a common side effect for many and can occur when the breasts rub on the upper abdomen. Women with larger breasts may also find wearing traditional bras uncomfortable as the straps dig into the shoulders, creating deep welts when worn over extended periods of time. Sports bras are especially problematic for many of these women. Most athletic bras are extremely tight to keep breasts close to the chest during exercises. For women with larger breasts, multiple bras are often necessary to make exercise tolerable. At the end of the day, the discomfort tied to trying to get active keeps many from pursuing physical activity, contributing to unhealthy weight gain and poor health.

Something that is often overlooked that also contributes to the discomfort associated with larger breasts is how they can change the fit of clothing and the role that plays into a woman’s self-confidence. Large breasts often create the appearance of being much heavier, requiring the patient to buy a size up that may not fit the rest of her body. Disproportionate breasts can also lead a woman to feel self-conscious about her appearance and insecure or uncomfortable with unwanted attention. For many, these factors can undermine the individual’s self-confidence, leading to anxiety and even depression.

Breast reduction surgery offers the patient the opportunity to take control of her appearance in ways not traditionally accessible with diet and exercise. By giving her the opportunity to reduce and recontour disproportionately large breasts to a size that better matches the rest her body, she may find a new sense of freedom in being able to choose clothes without worrying about appearing overtly sexual or frumpy. For many, even fitting into a normal bra is a new and wonderful advantage.

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