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Finding the Right Time for a Mommy Makeover

Motherhood is an exciting and challenging time in any woman’s life. It’s a total lifestyle change, from your priorities and goals to your body’s appearance.

Many new mothers find the physical changes associated with pregnancy and breastfeeding are overwhelming, which is why mommy makeover numbers are on the rise in the U.S. – as this procedure can help restore your figure to a pre-motherhood shape.

But patients must get their mommy makeover at the right time. Several factors go into deciding this, which leading plastic surgeon Dr. Tim Sayed discusses here.

Mommy Makeover Timing

There are several critical considerations for patients wanting a mommy makeover. Identifying the best time for your mommy makeover depends on variables like these.

Future Family Plans

The results from a mommy makeover can be long lasting, but they don’t alter the laws of nature.

If you undergo a mommy makeover and later decide to have another child, new changes will occur to your body, potentialing impacting the prior results from your surgery. The best time to undergo a mommy makeover procedure is once you’re fairly certain you will not have any more children, and when your weight is at a stable plateau. If you are still targeting more weight loss from pregnancy, try to reach a goal weight that is stable for at least 6 months.

Immediate Responsibilities and Obligations

When thinking about your mommy makeover timing, you must also consider your current responsibilities and obligations, and be sure you will have adequate help with your own care as well as the care of small children and pets. You must also consider time off from work and other activities, which can range from 2 weeks to over 6 weeks depending on the combination of procedures you have done.

The first factor is breastfeeding. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends new mothers breastfeed exclusively for the infant’s first six months, then continue nursing mixed with supplementary foods for the next six to eight months.

We recommend waiting at least a year after giving birth before getting a mommy makeover, so you have time to nurse your new child, if you are intending to breastfeed.

Another consideration is the recovery period required for mommy makeover surgery. Full healing takes around two months and depends on the procedures you choose to include, but the first one to three weeks after the surgery require rest and activity modifications.

For example, if you opt to have a tummy tuck as part of your surgical plan, you may have to walk and stand with a bend in your waist for the first week or so as your body adapts to the tightened muscles. If you don’t adopt a semi-bent position, your incisions can come open.

Commitment to Maintaining Results

While an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Sayed can create dramatic changes with your customized mommy makeover surgical plan, you must be willing to maintain those results by committing to a fitness and nutritional regimen.

You can achieve the longest-lasting results by getting your surgery when you’re already at or near your target body weight.

Get Ready for Your Mommy Makeover in Newport Beach, CA

To recap, the ideal time to get a mommy makeover is:

  • After you’re no longer having children
  • At least one year after childbirth, once you’ve weaned your baby off your breastmilk
  • Once you’ve achieved or gotten close to your ideal weight

Having realistic expectations and partnering with a qualified plastic surgeon can ensure outstanding results from any plastic surgery procedure. The ideal mommy makeover timing is when you have enough time to take care of your body’s needs and after you are no longer planning to add to your family.

To learn more, reach out to Dr. Tim Sayed in Newport Beach or La Jolla, CA, at (858) 247-2933 or via our online form to arrange a quick virtual consultation. 

What Works Well for Men? A Look at the Guy Side of Plastic Surgery

Men are no longer stigmatized for undergoing plastic surgery or other procedures. In fact, an increasing number of men are undergoing cosmetic surgery to avoid having their appearance deteriorate with age and stress.

Numerous men choose plastic surgery and cosmetic operations to acquire a competitive edge by enhancing their vitality, enthusiasm, and charm, which are all crucial for standing out among peers. This article will enlighten the reader on plastic surgery requests from male patients.

The Unique Cosmetic Concerns of Men

Men have their own unique cosmetic concerns and needs that are different from those of women. Some are more concerned about their hair and skin, while others might have an explicit problem like gynecomastia. Men may also have greater concerns like facial rejuvenation, body contouring, and male-pattern baldness.

In addition, men have different hair textures and skin types than women do. This can make it more difficult for men to find products and services that work well for their particular needs. Whatever your concern, you should take the time to find an experienced cosmetic surgeon to treat it.

Recommended Plastic Surgery and Non-surgical Treatments for Men

Plastic surgery is a popular option for men concerned about the appearance and presentation of their face, chest, or other areas. There are a number of plastic surgery and non-surgical treatments that can be used to boost a man’s appearance. These include the following.

Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia is the medical term for male breast enlargement. This condition is exceedingly prevalent and potentially embarrassing from a social standpoint. Gynecomastia surgery is a technique that eliminates the extra tissue in a man’s breasts that has formed as a result of a hormonal imbalance. The condition does not affect your fertility, but it may alter the shape of your chest and cause pain and agitation as time progresses. The surgery provides men with a more masculine chest shape.

Male Facial Rejuvenation

Male facial rejuvenation necessitates an extraordinary amount of planning and ability; not only is the male anatomy different, but men also have their own unique aesthetics that must be taken into account. This treatment is performed on the face and neck to improve fine lines and wrinkles, redefine cheekbones, and add volume and fullness to the upper lip, thereby redefining its shape. For male facial rejuvenation, Dr. Sayed offers a combination of Botox®, dermal fillers, and/or Fraxel® laser resurfacing. He takes the time to examine each patient and provide them with the best treatment plan for their situation.

Male Liposuction

Liposuction is one of the most frequently performed aesthetic plastic surgery procedures in the world, particularly among men. This surgery utilizes ultrasound waves and suction to delete fat from specific areas of the body, either to enhance the definition of an already sculpted figure or to address problem areas. Common treatment areas for men include the abdomen, flanks, chest, below the chin, breast, jowls, and more.

Hi-Def Liposculpture for Men

Hi-Def Liposculpture is ideal for men who want better definition of the abdominal muscle surface anatomy to enhance the “six-pack.” Hi-Def lipo includes maneuvers to “over-suction” over the grooves you wish to enhance, pulling out as much fat as possible from the space between the muscle contour and the skin. When the skin retracts, the surface anatomy of the muscle is more apparent at the skin surface, giving a tighter, leaner, and fitter appearance.


NeoGraft is available to both men and women who are suffering from hair loss. It uses the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method, which gives more natural results and less scarring than traditional scalp stripping procedures. NeoGraft hair restoration is minimally invasive, making it an excellent option for most healthy people, as long as they have a sufficient amount of donor hair at the back of the head.

Schedule Your Consultation with Dr. Sayed Today

A great way to familiarize yourself with recommended plastic surgery and non-surgical treatments for men is to schedule a chat with double Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Tim Sayed. He works out of La Jolla and Newport Beach, CA, and proudly serves patients from Orange County, San Diego County, and all throughout Southern California.

What Men Need to Know Before Having Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia is a common condition in which men develop enlarged breasts due to excess fat or glandular tissue. In essence, it’s the medical term for male breast enlargement. It can be disconcerting and lead to low self-esteem over time.

Surgery to address gynecomastia is sometimes required. Gynecomastia surgery extricates unwanted breast tissue from men. Before making any final decisions, read on for more information about this particular type of surgery.

A Look into Gynocomastia

Gynecomastia is highly prevalent, especially among males of certain ethnicities. It frequently causes social embarrassment, which can be extreme and isolating in some situations for many individuals.

Luckily, there is a solution to this setback called gynecomastia surgery. The goal of gynecomastia surgery is to reduce the size of the breasts by removing excess fatty and glandular tissue, resulting in more contoured and flatter chest anatomy.

How Do I Know If I Need Gynecomastia Surgery?

The best way to know if you need gynecomastia surgery is by securing a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon. During a consultation, a plastic surgeon will be able to examine your condition and determine the best course of treatment. This may include surgery or non-surgical treatments. A qualified plastic surgeon will be able to steer you through the process and help you make an informed decision.

Common reasons and findings that may prompt you to seek gynecomastia surgery include:

  • Prominent breast swelling making it difficult to wear tight shirts without showing bulginess.
  • Self-consciousness when taking off one’s shirt at the beach or in private.
  • Overhang of the breast tissue requiring compression shirts or other support.
  • Firmness behind the areola or breast pain.

How To Prepare for Gynecomastia Surgery?

If you and your surgeon determine that surgery is the best course of action, there are some things you must do to prepare. These include:

  • Have reasonable expectations for what surgery can accomplish.
  • Don’t smoke or take nicotine in any form for at least 3 weeks and ideally longer before (and after) surgery.
  • Stay well-rested and well hydrated and eat a nutritious diet balanced with plenty of protein
  • If your diet is lacking in vitamins, take vitamin C and zinc supplementation, and ask your doctor about other supplements.
  • Ask your doctor what supplements to avoid in the immediate pre-op phase to optimize healing and minimize bleeding risk.
  • Designate a caretaker who can help you through the first 5 to 7 days after your gynecomastia reduction
  • Make plans to stay out of the gym for a couple of weeks
  • Identify whether any female relatives in your immediate family have any history of breast cancer.

Gynecomastia Surgery Details

The procedure is done under general anesthesia. You’ll be unconscious during the procedure and won’t feel a thing.

Depending on the degree of breast overhang, gynecomastia surgery can range from liposuction done through an incision around a section of the nipple-areola complex and a few small, discreet puncture sites at the side of the breast to a full, inverted T “anchor” pattern of incisions to remove extra skin. The most common procedure for males with mild to moderate problems is a semicircular periareolar incision (around the lower border of the areola) with direct tissue removal and Vaser-assisted liposuction. There is also a technique for patients with a lot of overhang that involves a horizontal incision in the crease to amputate the lower overhanging breast and then graft the nipple back on as a skin graft. This technique produces very nice results without bulging of the breast under the nipple. However, it does result in permanent nipple numbness. Drains may be used for a week or two.

Pain relievers can be prescribed by the doctor following surgery to alleviate pain, though many patients only require prescription-strength medication for a few days.

Gynecomastia Surgery Recovery

Gynecomastia surgery recovery is a form of progression that can take several weeks or months, depending on the individual. You may experience some pain and swelling. In addition to medications, it’s also essential to get some shuteye and avoid any activities that may increase your pain or discomfort. The most important thing is for patients to follow their aftercare directives given by the surgeon regarding personal pain management, medication, and physical activity. You may be asked to wear a compressive garment for many weeks following surgery to optimize results

It can take a few months for the surgical incisions to heal completely and for you to see the final outcome of your procedure. Your doctor will follow up with you on a regular basis to monitor your progress and ensure you’re getting the best results possible.

Interested In Learning More? Contact Dr. Tim Sayed Today

Gynecomastia surgery just might be the best “path to take” if you have the condition and want to improve your self-esteem by removing the excess fatty tissue in your chest. The best way to learn your course of action is to meet with an aesthetic plastic surgeon like Dr. Tim Sayed, who has locations in La Jolla and Newport Beach and proudly serves patients from throughout many regions in Southern California, such as Orange County and San Diego County.

Plastic Surgery Can Help You Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions—Here’s How!

The beginning of the new year is a time for new beginning, resolutions to follow for the rest of the year, and a time to focus on becoming the best version of yourself. Whether you want to reverse the hands of time by smoothing out wrinkles or work on having a body that makes you feel sexy and confident when you gaze in the mirror, the new year is a fantastic time to start working towards these goals. While hard work, consistency, and discipline can get you far on your road to success, plastic surgery may accelerate your progress and help you reach your goals faster.

At Dr. Tim Sayed’s beautiful boutique, he practices state-of-the-art cosmetic surgeries and assists his patients with a wide range of aesthetic needs. From plastic surgery procedures, skin care, nonsurgical treatments, and more, Dr. Sayed can help you reach your New Year’s goals. Here are a few ways how:

Rejuvenate Your Face

Plastic surgery can help rewind time by repositioning the skin back to its youthful placement on the face. If smoothing out lines and wrinkles is on your New Year’s resolution list, injectable treatments such as Botox® or Dermal Fillers can make drooping, sallow features look vibrant and fresh again. It can be really discouraging not to look as young as you feel, especially when it comes to facial features because we constantly express emotions and communicate with others. Don’t go into another year feeling self-conscious about the lines and creases on your face. Put your best face forward in the New Year with one of these nonsurgical treatments!

Boost Your Body Confidence

If your New Year’s resolution is to finally have the body of your dreams, but you’re not getting the results you want with diet and exercise alone, body contouring procedures can help boost your body confidence for years to come. Body procedures like:

Liposuction is a popular procedure because of its ability to reduce excessive fat in troublesome body locations and improve the contour and shape of the body. While not meant as an alternate to weight loss, liposuction makes a great companion to an active diet and exercise plan to improve your physique.

Brazilian Butt Lift is the procedure to pursue if you want to skip hours spent in the gym doing hundreds of squats that do little but strain your knees and inhibit you from walking the next day. Dr. Sayed offers two techniques when it comes to a Brazilian Butt Lift: gluteal implants and fat transfer, which uses fat harvested from a secondary location on your body to shape and define your buttocks.

The Tummy Tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, is a great procedure for those who have recently lost a significant amount of weight or have had a baby and are now experiencing loose, sagging skin on the abdomen. A tummy tuck can help condition, tone, and flatten the abdomen so you can really reap the rewards of your hard work.

To learn more about these procedures to help you reach your New Year’s resolution goals, don’t hesitate to call Dr. Tim Sayed at (858) 247-2933 or contact us through our convenient website to schedule your personalized consultation with Dr. Sayed today!

What Is Included in a Mommy Makeover?

Childbirth is a miracle. Bringing new life into the world is a moment for rejoicing and celebration. However, there is no denying the stress that pregnancy, childbirth, and nursing have on your body.

Fortunately, plastic surgeons like Tim Sayed MD, of La Jolla, CA, can help cosmetically improve some of the changes that occur with childbearing with a comprehensive set of procedures called a mommy makeover.

Here, Dr. Sayed takes you through what procedures a mommy makeover can include and how these can help restore your pre-childbirth physique. Most of the same approaches are available for any patient who is a good surgical candidate for cosmetic contouring of the tummy and breasts, whether from weight changes, aging, or other factors. In other words, Mommy Makeovers are not just for mommies!

What Happens During Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Nursing?

To improve some of the body changes that occur after pregnancy, we first must identify what changes occur in your body during the process.

One of the first changes is the swelling of the lower abdomen, where the child develops in your uterus. For many women, the strain of carrying a growing baby can lead to a separation of the lower abdominal wall. This phenomenon leads to a weaker lower abdomen, with reduced structural support to the spine and internal organs.

The breasts enlarge with the arrival of milk, which can cause stretch marks and take away the firm, round breasts of youth. Nursing further impacts the breasts’ appearance.

During childbirth, the birth canal and vagina stretch permanently. Women have several choices to address each of these physical changes. What are some procedures you might wish to include in your mommy makeover?

Tummy Tuck

The tummy tuck is a staple procedure in a mommy makeover. This procedure treats the extended and stretched skin of the lower abdomen while reinforcing the abdominal wall, addressing any structural issues that arose during the pregnancy.


Liposuction is also a standard mommy makeover procedure that touches up the abdomen and helps new moms get back to the smooth, flat stomach they enjoyed before becoming a mommy.

Breast Lift

Most mothers decide to get a breast lift in their mommy makeover to counteract the drooping and stretching that occurred during pregnancy and nursing.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal rejuvenation is one of the less-talked-about mommy makeover procedures, but it shouldn’t be. Being happy and confident in your appearance can go a long way toward having an active and healthy sex life, and vaginal rejuvenation after childbirth helps fix many issues later down the road. Labiaplasty is a procedure commonly performed to improve the outward aesthetic appearance of this area, and can have significant impact on a woman’s confidence in her intimate life.

Mommy Makeover in Newport Beach, CA

If you’re a new mother and find yourself concerned about any aspect of your post-birth physique, reach out to Dr. Tim Sayed in Newport Beach or La Jolla, CA, at 858-247-2933 or through our website to arrange a convenient virtual consultation to discover how we can help you look and feel your best.

Reach Your 2019 Goals with Liposuction

Have you started crafting your 2019 goals? For many, the first few weeks of January are often a time for reflection as well as looking ahead to goals for the remainder of the year. While some may choose to pursue professional goals, others are looking to 2019 to be the year they finally achieve the perfectly sculpted body of their dreams. If that sounds like a familiar goal for you, what better way to reach this long-term goal than with liposuction?

Why Liposuction Should Be Part of Your Sculpting Strategy

There’s more than one reason why liposuction is among the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the United States. Consider just these few:

Honing the Perfect Body Takes Work

Unless you’re blessed with perfect genes and time to spend hours upon hours in the gym, chances are you have some stubborn fat pockets across your body. Furthermore, following vigorous workout routine and strict diet doesn’t always mean total fat removal. Unlike other cells, fat cells are never truly eliminated from the body unless physically removed. Instead, excess fat cells shrink, expand, and multiply in relation to weight loss and weight gain. As a result, in order to truly achieve a toned, sculpted physique, you’ll need a treatment that removes this unwanted fat.

While there are numerous body sculpting procedures available, liposuction is the only minimally invasive, long-lasting treatment that removes fat cells permanently while providing near immediate results. For individuals who have worked hard to achieve their best figure through diet and exercise, liposuction is the ideal “final touch.”

Liposuction is Highly Versatile

While many associate liposuction with flatter, more sculpted tummies, the procedure is among the most versatile plastic surgeries currently available. At Tim Sayed MD Plastic Surgery, liposuction has been used by both men and women to target stubborn fat pouches around the stomach, legs, arms, and back. Our San Diego and Newport Beach plastic surgeon has even used liposuction to remove unflattering submental fat, or double chins, leaving patients feeling confident in their appearance from the neck up. So long as patients are healthy enough to undergo surgery and are not using the procedure as a weight loss alternative, nearly all individuals can be eligible for liposuction.

With so many opportunities and treatment areas available, the consultation of every liposuction appointment is very important. During your visit, you’ll work with Dr. Sayed to discuss your treatment goals and identify how liposuction can help you reach those objectives. For patients who are thinking of more extensive, full body makeovers, our team will work with you to ensure your liposuction treatment works with the rest of your goals.

The Plastic Surgery Procedure Yields Long-Lasting Results

Not all body-sculpting procedures are the same. Although there are many non-surgical solutions available for fat removal, achieving lasting results in a timely fashion can be difficult. Liposuction’s minimally invasive nature and use of a thin cannula make the treatment a much less invasive option compared to traditional surgery and yields better, longer lasting results than non-surgical treatments. When you maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise before and after surgery, many can enjoy long-lasting results.

Ready to Schedule? Call Dr. Sayed Today!

With 2019 right around the corner, its never been a better time to turn a new leaf. Call Dr. Sayed at (858) 247-2933 to start your journey to your dream body.

Just in Time for the Holidays: Last Minute Non-Surgical Treatments

Getting ready to see family and friends in the coming weeks? With the holidays just around the corner, many of our patients are getting ready to invest hours cleaning their homes and preparing a feast for incoming visitors. In addition to putting care into your home, be sure to practice self-care this holiday season. Non-surgical solutions like dermal fillers, Botox®, skin rejuvenation, and even laser treatments can all refresh your appearance in a crunch. Best of all, treatments are tailored to your specific needs.

Thinning Lips or Sunken Cheeks?

Shrinking lip size and sunken cheeks are common signs of aging that start slowly but quickly become noticeable and detract from your overall appearance. Luckily, dermal fillers come in many formulas and applications, making it a go-to procedure for many patients who want to improve their looks without spending too much time in the treatment chair.

When receiving dermal fillers, the consultation becomes the most important part of the procedure. During this initial visit, we’ll evaluate which of the many available injection options will best address your concerns. At Dr. Sayed’s office, options available include:

  • Juvéderm® Volbella: Ideal for adding volume to lips and filling in fine lines near the mouth and around the eyes
  • Juvéderm® Vollure: Perfect for treating nasolabial folds, this solution is a great option that smooths skin while allowing for natural facial expression and movement.
  • Juvéderm® Voluma: This form of Juvéderm® relies on a thicker, more stable formula to add much-needed volume to hollowed cheeks.

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

When we think of the aging process, the development of fine lines and deepening of wrinkles are often the first symptoms that come to mind. Non-surgical treatments like Botox® and Dysport® are great first steps patients can take to help put the breaks on the aging process before it has a chance to worsen.

Derived from the botulinum toxin, both Botox® and Dysport® target and temporarily freeze the muscles responsible for wrinkle and crease development. However, the differences in formula do offer different experiences for different patients. While Botox® injections affect the area where the product is injected, Dysport® may diffuse from the injection site to the surrounding areas. During your pre-treatment consultation, our plastic surgeon will evaluate these differences and help you determine which injection best suits your needs.

Refresh Your Entire Appearance

Looking for a more comprehensive solution to enhancing and revitalizing your appearance? In recent years, liquid facelifts have become a popular treatment year-round. This multi-faceted solution leverages a combination of dermal fillers, neuromodulators (Botox® and Dysport®) as well as laser rejuvenation treatments to help restore our patients’ youthful appearance. As the entire procedure is developed from a combination of non-surgical treatments, liquid facelifts require almost no downtime and can be easily scheduled between family visits and holiday travel.

Regain Your Appearance Today!

Between hosting family and visiting friends, be sure to schedule some time for yourself over the next few months. At Dr. Sayed’s offices in San Diego and Newport Beach, our goal is to help patients look and feel as great as possible. To learn more about quick and effective non-surgical treatments, call our plastic surgeon today and schedule your consultation!


Plastic Surgery for the Fall Season

Leaves are falling, pumpkin spice lattes are pouring, and fall has officially arrived. Another great thing about fall is that it is the optimal time for face, breast and body procedures. Whether you’re looking for comprehensive procedures, body contouring or minimally invasive facial rejuvenation, read our infographic below to learn more about plastic surgery in the fall.

If you’re interested in plastic surgery, contact us today.

The Most Requested Liposuction Treatment Areas

For many of our patients, liposuction has created an important boost in their self-confidence by spot reducing fat in the areas that make them most self-conscious. While the abdomen is the most common area treated by liposuction, not all patients store excess fat in their bellies. In our practice, we find these to be the most requested liposuction treatment areas:

The Abdomen

For many, the midsection is where the body stores excess fat and where additional fat cells first develop. While it can be easy to shrink fat cells, once new ones have developed it can be almost impossible to achieve the completely fat stomach or washboard abs of your dreams.

Perhaps the most popular and best-known treatment areas, liposuction of the abdomen and love handles are always top requested procedures for men and women at Dr. Sayed’s practice. Depending on where within the midsection fat accumulates, patients may have liposuction completed on the upper abdomen, lower abdomen, love handles or across the entire midsection. Likewise, abdominal liposuction has often been included as part of larger body contouring strategies like mommy makeovers to help new mothers finish reaching pre-baby goals.

The Upper Body

The chest, back, and arms are other areas where fat can quickly accumulate and be difficult to erase. As a result, liposuction across the upper body is another popular option chosen by many of our patients. For men, targeting the chest and back with liposuction can recontour areas that may have lost definition over the years due to aging. For women, removing “bra rolls” and “bat wings” can greatly restore an individual’s confidence in their appearance and the way their clothes fit.

The Lower Half

While commonly associated with the innovative procedure behind smooth tummies and taut chests, liposuction has also become the go-to treatment for smoothing skin below the waist. Even individuals with minor weight fluctuations can quickly find themselves left with stubborn pockets of cellulite around the hips, inner and outer thighs, and even below the abdomen. Even with vigorous exercise and a restrictive diet, it can be very difficult to eliminate these unsightly bumps, leaving men and women feeling self-conscious about their appearance in shorts and other warm weather clothing.

At Dr. Sayed’s office, liposuction is one of the most effective treatments available for recontouring these delicate and often highly visible areas. As the treatment fully eliminates unwanted fat cells without having to spend time in surgery.

Considering Liposuction? Schedule Your Consultation with Dr. Sayed

When it comes to helping patients choose the right solution for their body, we understand the importance of a thorough consultation. While liposuction may not be as invasive as other cosmetic procedures available at our office, the results can be just as life-changing. To learn more about the benefits of liposuction and to determine whether this solution is the right one for you, call our locations in Newport Beach and San Diego to schedule your consultation. We look forward to helping you reach your goals!


Why Choose Fall for Your Facelift?

Now that the summer season is finally ending, many are preparing to enjoy a quick break in traveling for vacation or playing host for visiting friends and family members before the winter holiday season gets underway. While both are filled with excellent memories, chances are they’re keeping you busy and leave you with little time to focus on your own health and wellbeing. If you’ve been putting facelift surgery on hold until you had the time to prepare and recover, fall may be the perfect season!

Schedule, Schedule, Schedule

If you’re going to invest the time and financial resources into a facelift surgery, you’ll want to visit the best surgeon you can. However, consultations and appointment slots can quickly book up as the weather warms and as patients get ready to see family and friends for the holidays. Rather than stress yourself out trying to schedule in any appointment you can with any surgeon during the busy season, use the fall lull to your advantage. Take the time you need to research top surgeons in your area and schedule consultations to meet with them one-on-one. Having the luxury of time will make a difference in your relationship with your surgeon and your final results.

Restful Recovery

Like any other plastic surgery, recovery plays an important role in the final results of your facelift process. Whereas getting enough uninterrupted rest can be challenging during the summer and winter, the fall season is fairly relaxed in terms of hectic holiday planning and travel. As facelifts can require up to a week of recovery at home, now is the excellent opportunity to take time off from work and sequester yourself into focusing on recovery. Busy professionals don’t need to worry about competing with colleagues in taking personal time off while parents have school to keep kids out of the house for the bulk of the day. Both scenarios make it more feasible to make important follow-up appointments as well as focus on healing.

Enjoy the Holidays

Planning on visiting family this holiday season? Why not show off a more youthful, invigorated appearance? Depending on the extent of your treatment, facelift recovery can be completed in as little as two to three weeks. With that in mind, it is possible for patients to start the treatment process and complete initial recovery by Thanksgiving. While there can be some minor swelling and bruising, the treatment results will be healed enough to be noticeable.

Ready to Rejuvenate? Schedule a Consultation

Have you been waiting for the perfect time to schedule your cosmetic surgery? With the fall just starting, now is the time to take the plunge and schedule your facelift consultation with San Diego surgeon, Dr. Sayed. During your visit, we’ll walk you through an estimated timeline and develop a strategy that maximizes your time and leaves you with the results you’ve been waiting for. Call 858-247-2933 today and get started!