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It’s Always Beach Season in SD: Procedures to Maintain a Bikini Body Year-Round

If you’ve been checking yourself out in the mirror and thinking you could use a body tune-up–you’re not alone! As they anticipate the coming summer season, men and women are increasingly looking to sculpt their figure into the perfect beach body.

It makes sense – wintertime and spring are ideal times to tune up your body. You can spend time away from the office and return looking better than ever without anyone asking questions. They will just think you just got a much-needed vacation!

Of course, there’s no need to wait to start working on your figure. We’ve gathered the hottest plastic surgery procedures to help you maintain a bikini body year-round – maybe one of them will be the right treatment for you.

Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck is one of the most popular body contouring procedures in the world – and for a good reason. We live at a time when washboard abs and a narrow waist are the ultimate signifiers of health, but they’re not exactly the most attainable goals. Loose skin, stubborn pockets of fat, and abdominal muscles loosened by pregnancy can make it all but impossible to attain a flat a stomach.

With a tummy tuck, patients can finally achieve what years of dieting and workouts couldn’t give them. No more conservative swimsuits or feeling self-conscious while swimming. A tummy tuck will excise that loose skin, sculpt the abdominal fat, and tighten loosened muscles. And it can do it using a simple incision above the pubic bone – so any scarring can be hidden by underwear and bikini bottoms.


Liposuction is one of the most versatile plastic surgery procedures in the world; with the ability to treat dozens of areas on the body, liposuction can help people slim almost any area suffering from stubborn pockets of fat. The procedure works by using a cannula, a hollow tube attached to a suction device, to extract fatty tissue from the subcutaneous layer under the skin.

Of course, there are many different types of liposuction. Some liposuction devices use ultrasound to break down fat more efficiently. Some skilled surgeons are able to perform variations like Hi-Def liposculpture, a precise liposuction technique that focuses on emphasizing the abdominal muscles. Hi-Def liposculpture will enhance the look of the midline, the outer border of the 6-pack, and the other outlines created by the abdominal muscles. It’s true that liposuction is typically performed for relatively healthy patients who want to refine their figure, but hi-def liposuction is more commonly done for bodybuilders and toned patients who desire definition.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Although it was popularized in beach-crazy Brazil, the Brazilian butt lift has been used by millions of patients all over the world to help them achieve a rounder, fuller backside. It’s an incredible procedure that uses “autologous fat,” another term for the patient’s own fat.

But why do surgeons use the patient’s fat? For one thing, there’s a much lower risk that the patient’s body will reject their fat. For another, this means that the patient will be able to slim down an area with excess fat. That means that the patient can kill two birds with one stone; they can slim down areas such as the flanks and thighs while volumizing the buttocks.

Breast Augmentation

Breasts play an important role in creating balance for a woman’s figure. But due to factors like pregnancy, aging, or simply genetics, the breasts may appear too small or asymmetrical. Fortunately, breast augmentation allows you to achieve ideal curves that bring balance to your shape. Breast augmentation uses implants – typically silicone gel or saline – to provide both volume and shape to the breasts.

This highly versatile procedure can be customized to your ideal aesthetic. Whether you’re looking to fill out your favorite bikini, or you simply want to restore the changes caused by pregnancy or aging, breast augmentation offers the perfect solution.

Any Time of the Year is a Great Time to Get Your Bikini Body On

The term “bikini body” definitely brings to mind summertime and playtime at the beach – but there’s no reason it should be seasonal. So, what are you waiting for? The perfect bikini body is waiting for you. Start your journey by scheduling a consultation with double board-certified surgeon Dr. Sayed.



A Partial Abdominoplasty May be All You Need to Improve the Contours of your Body

Tone of the most popular plastic surgery procedures is the tummy tuck. Also known as an abdominoplasty, the tummy tuck is a great procedure because it helps to correct the excess flab along the mid-region and provides perfectly sculpted contours.

There are a number of different tummy tuck techniques available and your surgeon will assess your body to determine which one suits you the best. While some people my need a more extensive procedure, those with minor excess fat around the mid-region may opt for a mini tummy tuck.

Partial Abdominoplasty

A partial abdominoplasty is a minor version of the traditional abdominoplasty procedure. It involves a smaller incision and a shorter recovery period. The ideal candidates for the procedure are:

• Patients who don’t have too much belly fat or sagging skin in the abdominal region.
• Patients who are in good general health and don’t have any underlying health conditions such as heart issues or infections.
• Patients who are relatively fit, but have problems getting rid of stubborn fat.
• Patients who are within their ideal weight range and are able to maintain a stable weight.

Once your surgeon examines your body, he will determine if you’ll make a suitable candidate and create a customized plan for your needs.

Benefits of Choosing a Partial Abdominoplasty

• A partial abdominoplasty is less intensive than the traditional technique and requires less downtime.
• The incision made during a partial abdominoplasty will be smaller than the one made during a traditional abdominoplasty. Smaller incisions mean smaller risks. It also means less noticeable post-surgical marks.
• During the partial abdominoplasty, the belly button will not be repositioned. The area below the belly button will be corrected without the need for pulling or pushing the belly button.
• This surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure and patients can return home soon after it is completed.
• A few days after the procedure, patients can return to their normal daily routines save for more strenuous treatments.
• Suitable candidates with low abdominal fat notice visible results immediately. They appear natural and the contours of your body will look more toned and flat.

Recovering From A Partial Abdominoplasty – What To Expect After The Surgery

It takes a comparatively shorter amount of time to recover from a partial abdominoplasty than with a traditional abdominoplasty. In most cases, one to two weeks is all it takes to fully recover after the surgery. There might be slight discomfort surrounding the incision area. It will subside in time or be addressed with medication.

When a qualified surgeon is used, if the surgeon has a lot of experience in performing partial abdominoplasty you would be able to obtain visible results that last long. For those who wish to obtain flat abdomen but hesitate to risk with a lengthy intensive surgery, this one comes as a relief.

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Eliminate Harsh Lines and Wrinkles with a Facelift

As you age, the youthful contours of the face that you were used to for so long may start to change and appear older. As time progresses, the skin can start to sag and develop wrinkles, giving away your age. A popular form of cosmetic surgery among both men and women – a facelift can work to remedy those issues to give you a more youthful and vibrant glow.

Factors such as age, heredity, smoking, or even exposure to the sun can damage the skin and make you look older. Just because you have aged, it does not mean that you have to go around looking that way as well. If how you look is making you unhappy or uncomfortable, then a traditional facelift procedure can take that pain away.

A traditional facelift can help eliminate excess sagging skin, fat deposits. and deep folds in the middle to lower section of your face. Keep in mind that this is an invasive surgery that requires the use of strategic incisions to gain access to the underlying tissues. The incision will be made along the hairline to remain hidden once it has healed.

After making the incision, your surgeon will separate the skin, the tissue, and the muscle so that excess fat can be removed. The muscles and tissues around the area are also strengthened and the excess skin from the area is trimmed.

What You Need To Know About Traditional Facelifts

The first thing that you need to keep in mind, is that you need to find the right doctor to perform the operation. Instead of going to the first doctor you come across, make it a point to properly research and find a certified practitioner with a track record of success.

Once you have found the right doctor for your operation, you need to sit down with them and properly discuss what you hope to achieve from the operation. Keep regularly engaging with your doctor and make sure that you follow the necessary maintenance after the operation.

During the surgery, the first step is administering the anesthesia. After this, your surgeon will make an incision in the temple area behind your hairline. This then goes down the front of the ear and circles around the lobe of the ear to reach the point where it started.

During the whole process, care is taken to ensure that the incisions will be closed and placed in a way that will be hidden from view. After this, the muscles and connective tissues lining the face are carefully repositioned. The excessive skin, is then trimmed away, and the incisions are closed.

Your face will then be covered with a sterile gauze, which will stay on for at least one or two days. Within two to three weeks, you can expect to be completely healed. You will regain the youthful look you desire and be able to say goodbye to the signs of aging that covered your face. If you are tired of looking worn out and exhausted, then opt for a traditional face lift today!

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