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Will a Breast Lift Make You Look Younger?

When most people think of aging, gray hair and wrinkles first spring to mind. But many of Dr. Sayed’s patients struggle with the changes that occur in their bodies’ contours over time.

With age, and particularly following pregnancy, the breasts begin to stretch and change shape from their original perky setting on the chest to more of a drooping appearance. Fortunately, this effect is easy to counteract with a breast lift.

Here, Dr. Tim Sayed of Tim Sayed MD Plastic Surgery in La Jolla and Newport Beach, CA, looks at why the breasts show signs of aging and how a breast lift can rewind the clock.

What Happens to the Breasts Over Time?

All skin gradually stretches over time. This phenomenon occurs because the body slows the production of structural proteins such as collagen and elastin, compounds essential for resilient and youthful skin.

On your face, lost collagen and elastin leads to wrinkles and fine lines, which Dr. Sayed can address with either a facelift or dermal fillers.

Skin laxity leads to drooping, low-hanging breasts, which a breast lift can resolve. Weight gain, pregnancy and simple aging can all affect the elasticity and skin redundancy of the breasts, leading to what plastic surgeons call “ptosis” (which the rest of us call “sagging”).

How Does a Breast Lift Make You Look Younger?

The breasts are a defining feature of a woman’s body. Firm, uplifted breasts signify, to many, youth and confidence, which is why many middle-aged women or moms come to Dr. Sayed seeking a solution to their deflated, sagging breasts.

In performing a breast lift, Dr. Sayed will excise excess skin and sometimes a small amount of fat from around the breasts. Having completed this step, he then repositions the breasts higher on the chest wall and fixes them in place with dissolvable sutures that will disappear over time as your breasts heal.

The breast lift procedure can make you look years younger, while instilling an essential confidence level that many patients find difficult to feel with drooping, low-hanging breasts. In some cases, lifting the breasts also helps the patient feel fitter and look more slender.

Can Other Procedures Help Enhance My Breasts?

They certainly can!

For many women, a breast lift helps set the breasts higher, but many enjoy the comprehensive results from a breast augmentation as well.

Breast augmentation increases the breasts’ size and definition, and you can have it done concurrently with a breast lift for an even more dramatic difference.

Breast Lift in Newport Beach, CA

If your breasts make you look or feel older than your years, you’re not alone. These concerns are prevalent among women as they age, and Dr. Sayed offers a brilliant solution in a breast lift. Reach out to us in Newport Beach or La Jolla, CA, by calling 858-247-2933 or through our website to arrange a quick virtual consultation to discover how we can help you look and feel your best.